Marmota flaviventris (rodent)

Abundance: 0.19 to 50.00% (median 2.85%)

Latitudinal range: 31.6° to 44.7°

Habitats: (9) only

Found in 9 samples

United States: Crystal Ball Cave, Papago Springs Cave, Haystack Cave (upper levels), Haystack Cave (lower levels), North Creek Shelter (Paleoarchaic), North Creek Shelter (Early Archaic), Dead Indian Creek, Camels Back Cave (Stratum II), Mescal Cave

See also Marmota, Marmota baibacina, Marmota bobak, Marmota caligata, Marmota himalayana, Marmota marmota, Marmota monax, Marmota sibirica, Marmota sp.