Lynx (carnivore)

Abundance: 0.01 to 23.68% (median 0.55%)

Latitudinal range: 17.8° to 63.8°

Habitats: (46), Mediterranean woodland (3), boreal forest/taiga (4), desert/xeric shrubland (4), montane grassland (2), temperate broadleaf/mixed forest (16), temperate coniferous forest (3), temperate savanna (1), tropical/subtropical coniferous forest (2), tropical/subtropical dry broadleaf forest (3)

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Found in 84 samples

Armenia: Hovk-1 Cave (Unit 4)

Bulgaria: Osogovo Mountain (intensive study), Osogovo Mountain (opportunistic study)

Canada: Canadian National Railway (spring), Charlie Lake Cave (Zone IV), Keffer (Midden 57, screened), Winefred Lake, EMEND site (retention level 100%, replicate 1), EMEND site (retention level 100%, replicate 2), EMEND site (retention level 100%, replicate 3)

China: Altun Mountains, Mount Kalamaili Ungulate Nature Reserve, Yanchiwan National Nature Reserve

Croatia: Northern Velebit National Park

France: Les Auzières 2

Greece: Lakonis Cave I (lower bone breccia)

Iraq: Palegawra Cave

Italy: Western Trento Province (2012), Caverna degli Orsi (sondage A, Unit 11.2), Riparo Biarzo (SU 5), Riparo Biarzo (SU 4 + 3B)

Mexico: Huasabas-Sahuaripa Region, Ajos, Madera West, Pico de Orizaba National Park, San Juan Bautista Cuicatlán (lluvias), San Juan Bautista Cuicatlán (secas), El Zurdo

Poland: Borsuka Cave (Level VI)

Russia: Geographical Society Cave

Spain: Abric Romaní (Level Ja), Abric Romaní (Level Jb), Cueva del Ange

Turkey: Ciglikara Nature Reserve, Barhal Stream

United States: Salt Pond Mountain, Haw River, Rocky River, Richlands, Capay, Boulder County, North Fork of the Cache la Poudre River, Raleigh-Durham, North of the Michigamme Reservoir, Kleberg County, Davis Mountain Preserve, The Wilds, Blue Grass Army Depot, Ardis, Zesch Cave, Crystal Ball Cave, Silver Creek, OMNH locality VI03, Laubach Cave, Saber-tooth Cave, Golf Course, Rancho La Brea (Pit 91), Harrodsburg Crevice, Bat Cave, CA-SLO-585 (Locus 6A, Early-Middle Holocene), Bluegrass (macro), Scripps Poway Parkway (Feature F), Scripps Poway Parkway (Feature E), Angel Site (Subdivision W10D), Fort Center Mound A, Croley-Evans, Harris Creek, Edwin Harness Mound, Cole Gravel Pit, Baker Village, Scovill, Robinson Cave, Meyer Cave, Polecat Creek (black earth), Mescal Cave, Schulze Cave (layer C1), Schulze Cave (layer C2), Eleventh Hour Site (Room 7, Layer 3), Flagg Swamp Rockshelter (Archaic), Molybdenum Ridge (triggered detections), Bull Neck Swamp Research Forest, Trail of Tears State Forest, Black Mountain Open Space Park, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute (logs, feature)

See also Lynx canadensis, Lynx lynx, Lynx pardinus, Lynx rufus, Lynx sp., Lynx spelaea