Lycosidae (spider)

Abundance: 0.06 to 16.97% (median 5.61%)

Latitudinal range: -38.8° to 47.5°

Habitats: forest (1), montane grassland (3), temperate broadleaf/mixed forest (5), temperate savanna (1), tropical/subtropical moist broadleaf forest (2), tropical/subtropical savanna (3)

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Found in 15 samples

Argentina: Las Gamas (EB), Las Gamas (PS), Caleu Caleu (Control), Caleu Caleu (LF), Caleu Caleu (HF)

Australia: West Canungra Creek

Hungary: Vertesboglar (control), Vertesboglar (Sparse), Vertesboglar (Intensive)

Kenya: Mpala Research Centre (spiders)

Pakistan: Shorkot

South Africa: Skukuza (control), Rietondale Research Station

Taiwan: Orchid Island

United States: Bath Nature Preserve

See also Lycosidae indet., Lycosidae indet. 1, Lycosidae indet. 2, Lycosidae indet. 3, Lycosidae indet. 4, Lycosidae indet. A, Lycosidae sp., Lycosidae sp. 1, Lycosidae sp. 3, Lycosidae sp. 4, Lycosidae sp. 6, Lycosidae sp. 8, Lycosidae sp. 9