Lepus americanus (small mammal)

Mass: 1.4 kg based on Sheriff et al. 2009

Diet: browser based on St-Laurent et al. 2008

Abundance: 0.03 to 31.10% (median 1.34%)

Latitudinal range: 37.9° to 56.8°

Habitats: (12), boreal forest/taiga (4), temperate broadleaf/mixed forest (8)

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Found in 24 samples

Canada: Birds Hill (Plot 1, 1979), Prince Albert Model Forest, Canadian National Railway (spring), Canadian National Railway (summer), Canadian National Railway (fall), Canadian National Railway (winter), Charlie Lake Cave (Zone IV), Keffer (Midden 57, screened), Irving-Johnston, Winefred Lake, EMEND site (retention level 100%, replicate 1), EMEND site (retention level 100%, replicate 3), St. Brieux (winter 2011), St. Brieux (spring 2012)

United States: North of the Michigamme Reservoir, Crystal Ball Cave, Welsh Cave, Bat Cave, Dead Indian Creek, Itasca Bison Site, Pine Hill, Prairie Creek (Zone C), New Paris Sinkhole No. 4, Natural Chimneys

Size measurements:
body mass1398 kgN = 7Sheriff et al. 2009
body mass1438 kgN = 6Sheriff et al. 2009
total body length442 mmN = 4Cowan 1938
total body length489 mmN = 1Cowan 1938
total body length452 mmN = 7Cowan 1938
total body length441 mmN = 8Cowan 1938
hind foot length133 mmN = 4Cowan 1938
hind foot length147 mmN = 1Cowan 1938
hind foot length138 mmN = 7Cowan 1938
hind foot length145 mmN = 8Cowan 1938
ear length65.7 mmN = 4Cowan 1938
ear length67 mmN = 1Cowan 1938
ear length67 mmN = 7Cowan 1938
ear length73 mmN = 8Cowan 1938
skull width39.3 mmN = 4Cowan 1938
skull width38.1 mmN = 5Cowan 1938
skull width37.6 mmN = 7Cowan 1938
skull width38.7 mmN = 8Cowan 1938
upper tooth row length15.2 mmN = 4Cowan 1938
upper tooth row length14.7 mmN = 5Cowan 1938
upper tooth row length14.1 mmN = 7Cowan 1938
upper tooth row length13.6 mmN = 8Cowan 1938

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