Leptogenys acutangula (ant)

Abundance: 0.18 to 0.83%

Habitats: tropical/subtropical moist broadleaf forest (2) only

Found in two samples

New Caledonia: Rivière Bleue (1999), Rivière Bleue (2000)

See also Leptogenys, Leptogenys 2 (occidentalis), Leptogenys ambigua, Leptogenys basalis, Leptogenys chinensis, Leptogenys conradti, Leptogenys dasygnyna, Leptogenys diminuta, Leptogenys elongata, Leptogenys ferrarii, Leptogenys iridescens, Leptogenys JTL-002, Leptogenys JTL-006, Leptogenys kitteli, Leptogenys kraepalini, Leptogenys langi, Leptogenys mengzii, Leptogenys mjobergi, Leptogenys mutabilis, Leptogenys n. sp., Leptogenys nuserra, Leptogenys processionalis, Leptogenys pusilla, Leptogenys sp., Leptogenys sp. 1, Leptogenys sp. 1 of NZA, Leptogenys sp. 2, Leptogenys sp. 23 of SKY, Leptogenys sp. 3, Leptogenys sp. 4, Leptogenys sp. 5, Leptogenys sp. 6, Leptogenys sp. 6 of AMK, Leptogenys sp. A, Leptogenys sp. A (conigera gp.), Leptogenys sp. nr conigera