Harpalus (beetle)

Abundance: 0.02 to 81.22% (median 1.67%)

Latitudinal range: 22.2° to 65.0°

Habitats: boreal forest/taiga (2), desert/xeric shrubland (1), temperate broadleaf/mixed forest (17), temperate coniferous forest (7), temperate savanna (2), tropical/subtropical dry broadleaf forest (2)

Found in 31 samples

Algeria: El Khroub

Austria: Thaya Valley

Canada: Dietrich-Jooss (1997), Misery Bay Provincial Nature Reserve

China: Changbaishan Nature Reserve (mixed coniferous and broad-leaved forest), Wolong Natural Reserve (grassland), Dongbeiwang (fallow field margin 1), Naban River Watershed National Nature Reserve (forest), Xitiange

Czech Republic: Ceske Budejovice

Germany: Ossweil (penncress-corn crop rotation)

Hungary: North Hungarian Mountain Range (control plots)

Iran: Azadshahr (olive orchard)

Italy: Chiusa Pesio, Natural Special Reserve of Fondo Toce (riparian wood)

Japan: Kitadan Valley

Russia: Lazarevo (original forest area)

South Korea: Naju City (native forest), Naju City (managed forest), Naju City (forest patch)

United Kingdom: Rushy Mead, Mill Copse, Mill Field

United States: Allyn's Woods and Haas Forest, Jefferson City, Lawrence County (MG Oak), Ashland Ranger District (burned), Ashland Ranger District (unburned), Coconino National Forest (1998), East Pond (shrub thicket), Delta Junction

See also Harpalus aeneus, Harpalus affinis, Harpalus amputatus, Harpalus anxius, Harpalus bungii, Harpalus cautus, Harpalus chalcentus, Harpalus compar, Harpalus corporosus, Harpalus crates, Harpalus desertus, Harpalus dimidiatus, Harpalus distinguendus, Harpalus eous, Harpalus fallax, Harpalus faunus, Harpalus fulgens, Harpalus griseus, Harpalus herbivagus, Harpalus jureceki, Harpalus laevipes, Harpalus laticeps, Harpalus latus, Harpalus lumbaris, Harpalus luteicornis, Harpalus marginellus, Harpalus nitidulus, Harpalus opacipennis, Harpalus pallidipennis, Harpalus pastor, Harpalus pennsylvanicus, Harpalus pumilus, Harpalus reversus, Harpalus roninus, Harpalus rubripes, Harpalus rufipalpis, Harpalus rufipes, Harpalus signaticornis, Harpalus simplicidens, Harpalus sinicus, Harpalus somnulentus, Harpalus sp., Harpalus sp. 3, Harpalus spp., Harpalus tardus, Harpalus tenebrosus, Harpalus ussuricus, Harpalus xanthopus