Gomphus exilis (odonate)

Abundance: 0.22 to 14.29% (median 2.93%)

Latitudinal range: 38.3° to 48.7°

Habitats: temperate broadleaf/mixed forest (4) only

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Found in 4 samples

Canada: Lake Parent, Waverley (1947), Waverley (1949)

United States: Breton Bay

See also Gomphus, Gomphus abbreviatus, Gomphus brevis, Gomphus brimleyi, Gomphus cavillaris, Gomphus dilitatus, Gomphus furcifer, Gomphus graslinii, Gomphus lividus, Gomphus parvidens, Gomphus pulchellus, Gomphus rogersi, Gomphus scudderi, Gomphus simillimus, Gomphus spicatus, Gomphus vastus, Gomphus vulgatissimus