Euglossa championi (orchid bee)

Abundance: 0.13 to 10.53% (median 5.03%)

Latitudinal range: 3.9° to 9.2°

Habitats: tropical/subtropical dry broadleaf forest (1), tropical/subtropical moist broadleaf forest (7)

Found in 8 samples

Colombia: Buenaventura (logging forest), Buenaventura (less disturbed forest)

Costa Rica: Corcovado National Park (3 August 1977), Corcovado National Park (4 August 1977), La Gamba (riverine forest), La Gamba (gallery woodland), La Gamba (ridge forest)

Panama: Tower Clearing (dry season, weeks 2-14)

See also Euglossa, Euglossa allosticta, Euglossa aratingae, Euglossa asarophora, Euglossa azureoviridis, Euglossa bursigera, Euglossa carolina, Euglossa chalybeata, Euglossa cognata, Euglossa cordata, Euglossa crassipunctata, Euglossa cyanaspis, Euglossa cyanura, Euglossa cybelia, Euglossa deceptrix, Euglossa despecta, Euglossa dilemma, Euglossa dissimila, Euglossa dissimula, Euglossa dodsoni, Euglossa dressleri, Euglossa erythrochlora, Euglossa fimbriata, Euglossa flammea, Euglossa gaianii, Euglossa gorgonensis, Euglossa hansoni, Euglossa hemichlora, Euglossa heterosticta, Euglossa ignita, Euglossa igniventris, Euglossa imperialis, Euglossa leucotricha, Euglossa melanotricha, Euglossa milenae, Euglossa mixta, Euglossa obrima, Euglossa obtusa, Euglossa pleosticta, Euglossa purpurea, Euglossa sapphirina, Euglossa securigera, Euglossa sp., Euglossa sp. 01, Euglossa sp. 09, Euglossa stellfeldi, Euglossa townsendi, Euglossa tridentata, Euglossa truncata, Euglossa variabilis, Euglossa villosiventris, Euglossa viridissima