Entandrophragma excelsum (tree)

Abundance: 0.23 to 2.33% (median 1.48%)

Latitudinal range: -2.2° to -1.0°

Habitats: tropical/subtropical moist broadleaf forest (5) only

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Found in 5 samples

Democratic Republic of the Congo: Kahuzi-Biega National Park (primary forest)

Uganda: Bwindi (Plot A), Bwindi (Plot B2), Bwindi (Plot C1), Bwindi (Plot D)

See also Entandrophragma, Entandrophragma angolense, Entandrophragma candollei, Entandrophragma cylindricum, Entandrophragma sp., Entandrophragma sp. 1, Entandrophragma sp. 2, Entandrophragma utile