Entandrophragma cylindricum (tree)

Abundance: 0.03 to 2.99% (median 0.49%)

Latitudinal range: 0.2° to 7.5°

Habitats: tropical/subtropical dry broadleaf forest (7), tropical/subtropical moist broadleaf forest (11)

Biogeographic distribution: Afrotropic, Equatorial Africa

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Found in 18 samples

Cameroon: Zoulabot Ancien, Jalope, Dja Faunal Reserve (monodominant), Dja Faunal Reserve (mixed forest)

Ghana: Kade site B, Kade site D, Bia Conservation Area

Nigeria: Omo Forest Reserve Plot A, Idi-Ose, Oban Forest Reserve

Uganda: Budongo Sample Plot 4, Budongo Sample Plot 5, Budongo Sample Plot 6, Budongo Sample Plot 7, Mpanga Research Forest Reserve (1968), Mpanga Research Forest Reserve (1982), Mpanga Research Forest Reserve (1993), Budongo Forest Reserve (forest)

See also Entandrophragma, Entandrophragma angolense, Entandrophragma candollei, Entandrophragma excelsum, Entandrophragma sp., Entandrophragma sp. 1, Entandrophragma sp. 2, Entandrophragma utile