Empidonax virescens (bird)

Mass: 12.6 g

Diet: insectivore based on Blake and Hoppes 1986, Blake and Loiselle 1991, Robinson et al. 2000, Anderson and Naka 2011, and Ramírez-Albores and Navarro-Sigüenza 2011

Abundance: 0.01 to 3.36% (median 0.91%)

Latitudinal range: 9.2° to 45.8°

Habitats: temperate broadleaf/mixed forest (6), tropical/subtropical moist broadleaf forest (2)

Found in 8 samples

Nicaragua: Siuna (birds, allspice)

Panama: Pipeline Road (March 1980)

United States: Baldwin County, Sandrock Cliff (fall), William Trelease Woods (gap, spring), Missouri Ozark Forest Ecosystem Project (1998), St. Catherine's Island, Clayhead Preserve

Size measurements:
12.6 mm(N = 1)based on

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