Empidonax alnorum (bird)

Mass: 12.7 g

Diet: insectivore based on Allen and O'Connor 2000, Allen and O'Connor 2000, and Robinson et al. 2000

Abundance: 0.17 to 2.58% (median 0.61%)

Latitudinal range: 10.3° to 64.9°

Habitats: boreal forest/taiga (3), temperate broadleaf/mixed forest (2), tropical/subtropical dry broadleaf forest (1)

Found in 6 samples

Canada: Calling Lake (control)

Costa Rica: Finca La Bella

United States: Yakutat, Creamer’s Field Migratory Waterfowl Refuge (spring), Creamer’s Field Migratory Waterfowl Refuge (fall), Laudholm Farm

Size measurements:
12.7 mm(N = 1)based on

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