Didelphis virginiana (small mammal)

Mass: 2.2 kg based on Gipson and Kamler 2001, Lindsay 1960, and Layne 1958

Diet: insectivore-carnivore based on Sandidge 1953

Abundance: 0.06 to 50.79% (median 2.68%)

Latitudinal range: 13.7° to 44.4°

Habitats: (22), desert/xeric shrubland (1), temperate broadleaf/mixed forest (17), temperate savanna (1), tropical/subtropical coniferous forest (1), tropical/subtropical dry broadleaf forest (6), tropical/subtropical moist broadleaf forest (3)

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Found in 51 samples

Canada: Lindsay

Mexico: El Zapotal (terrestrial mammals), La Reserva Natural Sierra Nanchititla, Estación Científica Las Joyas, Tolistoque (dry season), Tolistoque (rainy season), Huasabas-Sahuaripa Region, Madera West

Nicaragua: Siuna (mammals, primary forest), Siuna (mammals, secondary forest), Siuna (mammals, allspice)

United States: Park Ranger Station No. 1, Memphis, Glenn Dale, Salt Pond Mountain, Haw River, Rocky River, Richlands, Fayette County, Raleigh-Durham, Kleberg County, The Wilds, Daniel Boone Field Station (agricultural), Daniel Boone Field Station (riparian), Ardis, Vess Cave, Saber-tooth Cave, Golf Course, Bluegrass (macro), Bluegrass (micro), Dust Cave (Zones T and U), Burris, McKinley Site (Zone B), Angel Site (Subdivision W10D), Taddlock, Fort Center Mound A, McLelland, Croley-Evans, Watson Brake (6.4 mm fraction), Mykut Rockshelter, Black Cat Cave (interior), Harris Creek, Guard, Meyer Cave, Prairie Creek (Zone B), Schulze Cave (layer B), Newins-Ziegler Woods, Student Agricultural Gardens, Bull Neck Swamp Research Forest, Trail of Tears State Forest, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute (logs, feature)

Size measurements:
♀ body mass2100 kgN = 8Gipson and Kamler 2001
♂ body mass2100 kgN = 12Gipson and Kamler 2001
♂ body mass5400 kgN = 1Lindsay 1960
body mass1871 kgN = 1Layne 1958
body mass3175 kgN = 1Layne 1958
total body length777.2 mmN = 4Layne 1958
♀ tail length281 mmN = 8Gipson and Kamler 2001
♂ tail length294 mmN = 12Gipson and Kamler 2001
tail length301.8 mmN = 4Layne 1958
♀ hind foot length61 mmN = 8Gipson and Kamler 2001
♂ hind foot length64 mmN = 12Gipson and Kamler 2001
hind foot length67.5 mmN = 4Layne 1958
♀ ear length45 mmN = 8Gipson and Kamler 2001
♂ ear length43 mmN = 12Gipson and Kamler 2001

See also Didelphis, Didelphis albiventris, Didelphis aurita, Didelphis imperfecta, Didelphis marsupialis, Didelphis sp.