Dichotomius apicalis (scarab beetle)

Abundance: 0.19 to 2.90% (median 0.92%)

Latitudinal range: -2.4° to 5.0°

Habitats: tropical/subtropical moist broadleaf forest (6) only

Found in 6 samples

Brazil: Minimum Critical Size of Ecosystems Project (contiguous forest), Minimum Critical Size of Ecosystems Project (1 ha forest fragment), Minimum Critical Size of Ecosystems Project (10 ha forest fragment)

French Guiana: Paracou (roadside forest), Nouragues Biological Field Station (hour 21), Paracou (interior forest)

See also Dichotomius, Dichotomius acuticornis, Dichotomius affinis, Dichotomius amplicolis, Dichotomius amplicollis, Dichotomius assifer, Dichotomius batesi, Dichotomius belus, Dichotomius bicuspis, Dichotomius boreus, Dichotomius bos, Dichotomius carbonarius, Dichotomius carinatus, Dichotomius carolinus, Dichotomius centralis, Dichotomius colonicus, Dichotomius crinicollis, Dichotomius cuprinus, Dichotomius depressicollis, Dichotomius fimbriatus, Dichotomius fissus, Dichotomius fortestriatus, Dichotomius geminatus, Dichotomius glaucus, Dichotomius globulus, Dichotomius imitator, Dichotomius laevicollis, Dichotomius lucasi, Dichotomius luctuosus, Dichotomius mamillatus, Dichotomius maya, Dichotomius melzeri, Dichotomius mormon, Dichotomius mundus, Dichotomius nimuendajui, Dichotomius nisus, Dichotomius ohausi, Dichotomius opacipennis, Dichotomius piceus, Dichotomius podalirius, Dichotomius prietoi, Dichotomius protectus, Dichotomius puncticolis, Dichotomius puncticollis, Dichotomius quinquelobatus, Dichotomius robustus, Dichotomius satanas, Dichotomius semiaeneus, Dichotomius semisquamosus, Dichotomius sericeus, Dichotomius sexdentatus, Dichotomius sp., Dichotomius sp. 1, Dichotomius sp. 2, Dichotomius sp. 4, Dichotomius sp. 5, Dichotomius sp. 5 (calcaratus grp), Dichotomius sp. 6, Dichotomius sp. 8, Dichotomius sp. C, Dichotomius subaeneus, Dichotomius triangulariceps, Dichotomius worontzowi, Dichotomius yucatanus