Cymindis (ground beetle)

Abundance: 0.06 to 0.78% (median 0.30%)

Latitudinal range: -21.8° to 65.0°

Habitats: boreal forest/taiga (1), temperate broadleaf/mixed forest (1), temperate coniferous forest (1), temperate savanna (1), tropical/subtropical dry broadleaf forest (5)

Found in 9 samples

Brazil: Gavião Peixoto (orchard), Gavião Peixoto (forest), Barracão Farm, Mangues Farm

Canada: Misery Bay Provincial Nature Reserve

China: Naban River Watershed National Nature Reserve (forest), Xitiange

United States: Coconino National Forest (1998), Delta Junction

See also Cymindis americanus, Cymindis arizonensis, Cymindis cribricollis, Cymindis daimio, Cymindis neglectus, Cymindis sp., Cymindis sp. 1