Cyanomitra olivacea (bird)

Mass: 2.8 g

Diet: insectivore-nectarivore based on Mann 1985

Abundance: 0.16 to 71.43% (median 8.00%)

Latitudinal range: -30.4° to 7.8°

Habitats: tropical/subtropical dry broadleaf forest (7), tropical/subtropical moist broadleaf forest (15), tropical/subtropical savanna (1)

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Found in 23 samples

Cameroon: Nyong River

Ethiopia: Oromia Region (coffee captures), Oromia Region (forest captures)

Ivory Coast: Bossematiť Forest (selective cleaning), Bossematiť Forest (control)

Kenya: Sokoke Forest (lowland rain forest), Kakamega Forest

Nigeria: Shasha Forest Reserve (36 mm mesh), Shasha Forest Reserve (61 mm mesh)

South Africa: Umdoni Park

Tanzania: Amani Site 10, Mangala Forest Reserve (pre-fire), Mangala Forest Reserve (one week post-fire), Mangala Forest Reserve (three months post-fire), Bunduki Forest Reserve (cold season), Bunduki Forest Reserve (hot season)

Uganda: Makerere University Biological Field Station (unlogged), Makerere University Biological Field Station (logged), Budongo Forest Reserve Compartment N3, Zika Forest (inside), Zika Forest (outside), Makerere University Biological Field Station Compartment K-15

Zambia: Balmoral

Size measurements:
11.8 mmN = 1
7.9 mmN = 1

See also Cyanomitra, Cyanomitra bannermani, Cyanomitra cyanolaema, Cyanomitra obscura, Cyanomitra veroxii, Cyanomitra verticalis