Crotalus atrox (snake)

Abundance: 0.82 to 18.76% (median 8.32%)

Latitudinal range: 29.2° to 33.6°

Habitats: desert/xeric shrubland (4) only

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Found in 4 samples

Mexico: Mexico Highway 16

United States: Maricopa Road (MR-238), Sun Valley Parkway, Santa Rita Experimental Range (mesquite-free)

See also Crotalus, Crotalus adamanteus, Crotalus basiliscus, Crotalus cerastes, Crotalus durissus, Crotalus horridus, Crotalus lepidus, Crotalus molossus, Crotalus molussus, Crotalus ravus, Crotalus scutulatus, Crotalus sp., Crotalus tzabcan