Crocidura russula (small mammal)

Abundance: 0.14 to 20.88% (median 2.80%)

Latitudinal range: 32.4° to 45.1°

Habitats: (7), Mediterranean woodland (2), desert/xeric shrubland (1), temperate broadleaf/mixed forest (1)

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Found in 11 samples

France: Coudoulous I (Faunal Unit II), Coudoulous I (Faunal Unit III), Coudoulous I (Faunal Units IV and V), Coudoulous I (Faunal Unit VI)

Israel: Nahal Alexander National Park (control)

Italy: Monticchie Nature Reserve (woodland)

Portugal: Centre of Environmental Biology Field Station, Grāndola Hills

Spain: Punta Lucero III (Level F)

United Kingdom: Gorham's Cave (Level III), Gorham's Cave (Level IV)

See also Crocidura, Crocidura "denti group", Crocidura "nigrofusca group", Crocidura "poensis group", Crocidura attenuata, Crocidura attila, Crocidura buettikoferi, Crocidura crenata, Crocidura crossei, Crocidura denti, Crocidura dolichura, Crocidura flavescens, Crocidura fulvastra, Crocidura fumosa, Crocidura glassi, Crocidura goliath, Crocidura grandiceps, Crocidura grayi, Crocidura gueldenstaedtii, Crocidura hildegardeae, Crocidura hirta, Crocidura kapsominensis, Crocidura kornfeldi, Crocidura lamottei, Crocidura leucodon, Crocidura ludia, Crocidura mutesae, Crocidura nigeriae, Crocidura nigrofusca, Crocidura olivieri, Crocidura roosevelti, Crocidura sicula, Crocidura smithii, Crocidura sp., Crocidura spp., Crocidura suaveolens, Crocidura turba