Copris macacus (scarab beetle)

Abundance: 4.13 to 12.90%

Latitudinal range: -1.5° to -1.1°

Habitats: tropical/subtropical moist broadleaf forest (2) only

Found in two samples

Indonesia: Toro (natural forest/anoa dung), Palolo Valley (natural forest)

See also Copris, Copris acutidens, Copris agnus, Copris amyntor, Copris camerunus, Copris cariniceps, Copris carinicus, Copris carmelita, Copris davisoni, Copris denticulatus, Copris doriae, Copris elphenor, Copris fricator, Copris hispanus, Copris imitans, Copris inhalatus, Copris jahi, Copris laeviceps, Copris lugubris, Copris lunaris, Copris mesacanthus, Copris minutus, Copris moechus, Copris orphanus, Copris pecuarius, Copris phungae, Copris puncticollis, Copris punctulatus, Copris ramosiceps, Copris reflexus, Copris repertus, Copris sallei, Copris saundersi, Copris serius, Copris signatus, Copris sinicus, Copris sp. 4, Copris sp. 6, Copris sp. 7, Copris sp. B, Copris spinator, Copris truncatus, Copris tullius, Copris typhoeus