Combretum molle (tree)

Abundance: 0.13 to 2.47% (median 1.57%)

Latitudinal range: -7.5° to 1.8°

Habitats: tropical/subtropical dry broadleaf forest (3), tropical/subtropical savanna (1)

Biogeographic distribution: Afrotropic, Palearctic, Equatorial Africa, Southern Africa, Southwest Asia

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Found in 4 samples

Tanzania: Kimboza Forest, Kilengwe Forest

Uganda: Kasagala Plot 1, Budongo Forest Reserve (forest)

See also Combretum, Combretum aculeatum, Combretum acuminatum, Combretum adenogonium, Combretum albidum, Combretum collinum, Combretum dasystachyum, Combretum fragrans, Combretum fruticosum, Combretum glutinosum, Combretum latifolium, Combretum laxum, Combretum micranthum, Combretum nigricans, Combretum racemosum, Combretum sp., Combretum sp. 1