Ceratina dupla (bee)

Abundance: 0.28 to 5.31% (median 1.38%)

Latitudinal range: 34.8° to 45.3°

Habitats: boreal forest/taiga (2), temperate broadleaf/mixed forest (1), temperate coniferous forest (2), temperate savanna (1)

Found in 6 samples

Canada: South Point, Burnt Lands Provincial Park (woodland site: sweep nets), Burnt Lands Provincial Park (woodland site: pitfall traps)

United States: Alice L. Kibbe Life Science Station (elevated pan traps), Oconee National Forest (mature pine herbaceous), Oconee National Forest (cleared forest)

See also Ceratina, Ceratina asuncionis, Ceratina australensis, Ceratina calcarata, Ceratina calcarata/dupla, Ceratina cockerelli, Ceratina metallica, Ceratina mikmaqi, Ceratina pacifica, Ceratina sp .4, Ceratina sp., Ceratina sp. 1, Ceratina sp. 10, Ceratina sp. 11, Ceratina sp. 2, Ceratina sp. 3, Ceratina sp. 5, Ceratina sp. 6, Ceratina sp. 7, Ceratina sp. 8, Ceratina sp. 9, Ceratina spp., Ceratina strenua