Catharus ustulatus (bird)

Mass: 30.3 g

Diet: frugivore based on Gareca et al. 2010; frugivore-insectivore based on Blake and Loiselle 1991; insectivore based on Allen and O'Connor 2000 and Allen and O'Connor 2000; insectivore-frugivore based on Blake and Hoppes 1986, Bailey et al. 2004, and Ramírez-Albores and Navarro-Sigüenza 2011; omnivore based on Canaday 1997, Robinson et al. 2000, Beja et al. 2010, and Anderson and Naka 2011

Abundance: 0.02 to 18.69% (median 2.01%)

Latitudinal range: -27.2° to 64.9°

Habitats: Mediterranean woodland (3), boreal forest/taiga (3), temperate broadleaf/mixed forest (13), temperate savanna (1), temperate wetland (1), tropical/subtropical dry broadleaf forest (2), tropical/subtropical moist broadleaf forest (18)

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Found in 41 samples

Argentina: Camino, Toma

Canada: Avalon Peninsula, Calling Lake (treatment), Calling Lake (control), Tantramar Marshes, Charlotte County

Colombia: Otún-Quimbaya Flora and Fauna Sanctuary (ash plantation), Parque Nacional Natural Farallones de Cali (forest)

Costa Rica: La Selva Biological Station (gap), La Selva Biological Station (intact forest), Finca La Bella, University of Georgia San Luis Research Station, Monteverde

Ecuador: Tiputini Biodiversity Station (Harpia, 2001)

Guatemala: Finca Caobanal, Puerto Barrios (mist netted birds)

Mexico: Santa Martha (forest), Finca Irlanda (winter 2001), Finca Irlanda (winter 2002), Santa Martha (second growth)

Nicaragua: Siuna (birds, pasture)

Panama: Limbo Hunt Club (gap), Limbo Hunt Club (forest), Pipeline Road (March 1980)

United States: Camarillo Oak Grove County Park, Horseshoe Bend Research Area, Sandrock Cliff (spring), Sandrock Cliff (fall), William Trelease Woods (gap, spring), Lucky Peak (willow riparian), Hopland Research and Extension Center, Creamer’s Field Migratory Waterfowl Refuge (spring), Creamer’s Field Migratory Waterfowl Refuge (fall), Dawes County (in-channel), St. Catherine's Island, Wedge Plantation, Laudholm Farm, Clayhead Preserve, China Creek Park, Clive Runnells Family Mad Island Marsh Preserve

Size measurements:
30.3 mm(N = 1)based on

See also Catharus, Catharus aurantiirostris, Catharus dryas, Catharus frantzii, Catharus fulcescens, Catharus fuscater, Catharus fuscescens, Catharus guttatus, Catharus maximus, Catharus mexicanus, Catharus minimus, Catharus mustelinus, Catharus occidentalis