Catharsius (scarab beetle)

Abundance: 0.01 to 24.69% (median 1.85%)

Latitudinal range: -28.2° to 23.7°

Habitats: tropical/subtropical dry broadleaf forest (9), tropical/subtropical moist broadleaf forest (8), tropical/subtropical savanna (7)

Found in 24 samples

Bangladesh: Dhaka (cattle dung)

Cameroon: La Belgique (old secondary forest), La Belgique (sleeping sites)

Gabon: Ipassa Reserve (large rainy season)

Ghana: Ankasa Conservation Area (plantation)

India: Thirunelly Forests, Singhori Wildlife Sanctuary (mixed forests site 2), Singhori Wildlife Sanctuary (agricultural lands site 4)

Ivory Coast: Lola Field Station (savanna), Lola Field Station (forest)

Malaysia: Temengor Forest Reserve (logger camp)

Mozambique: Maputo Special Reserve (reserve grassland), Maputo Special Reserve (reserve farm)

South Africa: Hluhluwe Game Reserve

Tanzania: Majawanga (bush site 1), Majawanga (field site 4)

Thailand: Mo Singto Long Term Ecological Research plot (macaque)

Uganda: Kibale National Park (K30), Kibale National Park (Ngogo), Kibale National Park (K14), Kibale National Park (K15), Kibale National Park (Pinus plantation), Kibale National Park (Cupressus plantation)

Vietnam: Ba Be National Park (dung beetles)

See also Catharsius eteocles, Catharsius furcillatus, Catharsius gorilla, Catharsius gorilla/gorilloides, Catharsius gorilloides, Catharsius harpagus, Catharsius hertli, Catharsius lycaon, Catharsius molossus, Catharsius mossambicanus, Catharsius ninus, Catharsius pithecius, Catharsius pseudolycaon, Catharsius renaudpauliani, Catharsius sagax, Catharsius scopas, Catharsius sesostris, Catharsius sp., Catharsius sp. 1, Catharsius sp. A, Catharsius tricornulus, Catharsius tricornutus