Canthidium funebre (scarab beetle)

Abundance: 0.12 to 2.39%

Latitudinal range: 2.2° to 2.4°

Habitats: tropical/subtropical moist broadleaf forest (2) only

Found in two samples

Colombia: Elí Farm (woolly monkey dung baited)

Suriname: Kutari

See also Canthidium, Canthidium angusticeps, Canthidium ardens, Canthidium aterrimum, Canthidium aurifex, Canthidium barbacenicum, Canthidium bicolor, Canthidium bokermanni, Canthidium breve, Canthidium cavifrons, Canthidium centrale, Canthidium chrysis, Canthidium cupreum, Canthidium curvipes, Canthidium decoratum, Canthidium deyrollei, Canthidium dispar, Canthidium dohrni, Canthidium gerstaeckeri, Canthidium gracilipes, Canthidium guyanense, Canthidium haroldi, Canthidium humerale, Canthidium kirschi, Canthidium laetum, Canthidium latipleurum, Canthidium latum, Canthidium lentum, Canthidium leucopterum, Canthidium lividus, Canthidium manni, Canthidium marseuli, Canthidium martinezi, Canthidium moestum, Canthidium mutabilis, Canthidium onitoides, Canthidium ornatus, Canthidium pallidoalatum, Canthidium pinotoides, Canthidium planovultum, Canthidium podagricus, Canthidium pseudoperceptibile, Canthidium pseudopuncticolle, Canthidium puncticolle, Canthidium quadridens, Canthidium ruficolle, Canthidium seminitens, Canthidium sp., Canthidium sp. 1, Canthidium sp. 10, Canthidium sp. 13, Canthidium sp. 15, Canthidium sp. 2, Canthidium sp. 3, Canthidium sp. 4, Canthidium sp. 5, Canthidium sp. 6, Canthidium sp. 7, Canthidium sp. 8, Canthidium sp. 9, Canthidium sp. A, Canthidium sp. f, Canthidium tenebrosum, Canthidium trinodosum, Canthidium tuberifrons, Canthidium variolosum, Canthidium vespertinum, Canthidium viride