Buteo (bird)

Abundance: 0.00 to 40.60% (median 0.19%)

Latitudinal range: -34.3° to 51.9°

Habitats: (19), Mediterranean woodland (2), boreal forest/taiga (1), desert/xeric shrubland (3), temperate broadleaf/mixed forest (6), tropical/subtropical moist broadleaf forest (2)

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Found in 33 samples

Argentina: Camino, Toma

Canada: Irving-Johnston

China: Altun Mountains, Mount Kalamaili Ungulate Nature Reserve, Foping National Nature Reserve (2020), Kanas National Nature Reserve

France: Piémanson Beach

Jordan: Azraq Wetland Reserve

Lebanon: Moghr el-Ahwal Cave 3 (Phases F & E)

Mexico: La Playa

Russia: Sagan-Zaba II (Layer 3B)

South Africa: Table Mountain National Park

United States: Baldwin County, Sandrock Cliff (spring), Sandrock Cliff (fall), Davis Mountain Preserve, The Wilds, Haystack Cave (upper levels), Haystack Cave (lower levels), Scripps Poway Parkway (Feature F), Hulme Site, Taddlock, Fort Center Mound A, Croley-Evans, Rattlesnake Point Pueblo (Unit 2), Edwin Harness Mound, Coffey (Horizon III-5, KSU), Coffey (Horizon III-5, 1972-73), Cole Gravel Pit, Scovill, Schuiling Cave, Meyer Cave

See also Buteo buteo, Buteo hemilasius, Buteo jamaicensis, Buteo japonicus, Buteo lagopus, Buteo lineatus, Buteo magnirostris, Buteo platypterus, Buteo rufinus, Buteo rufofuscus, Buteo sp.