Boophis madagascariensis (frog)

Abundance: 1.26 to 37.50% (median 3.01%)

Latitudinal range: -21.4° to -18.9°

Habitats: tropical/subtropical moist broadleaf forest (6) only

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Found in 6 samples

Madagascar: An'Ala (1997), An'Ala (2001), Imaloka (tadpoles), Ifanadiana (tadpoles), Ifanadiana (visual survey), An'Ala (tadpoles)

See also Boophis, Boophis albilabris, Boophis boehmei, Boophis burgeri, Boophis elenae, Boophis goudoti, Boophis liami, Boophis lichenoides, Boophis luteus, Boophis majori, Boophis marojezensis, Boophis picturatus, Boophis pyrrhus, Boophis rappiodes, Boophis reticulatus, Boophis rufioculis, Boophis sibilans, Boophis tasymena, Boophis tephraeomystax