Bison (ungulate)

Abundance: 0.02 to 99.77% (median 7.48%)

Latitudinal range: 19.4° to 67.8°

Habitats: (52) only

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Found in 52 samples

Canada: Old Crow River Loc. 11A (square S30E120), Charlie Lake Cave (Zone IV), DjPp-8 (level A), DjPp-8 (level B), Atkinson, Cactus Flower

China: Songhua River

Croatia: Mujina Pecina (Level D1)

France: Grotte du Bison (Level I), Mas d'Azil

Georgia: Ortvale Klde (late Middle Paleolithic), Ortvale Klde (early Upper Paleolithic), Dzudzuana Cave (lower area, Unit B)

Italy: Castagnone

Japan: Hanaizumi

Mexico: Barranca de San Mateo Huexoyucán (Localidad 6)

Russia: Geographical Society Cave, Zapovednaya, Gornovo

Ukraine: Prolom II

United Kingdom: Lynford Quarry

United States: Ardis, Zesch Cave, Silver Creek, OMNH locality VI03, Papago Springs Cave, Golf Course, Rancho La Brea (Pit 91), Cueva Quebrada, Spring Creek, Site 48SW270, Hulme Site, McIntosh, Burris, Lower Walnut Settlement, McLelland, Trappers Point (Stratum V), Mosquito Willie, Jim Pitts, Helen Lookingbill, Dead Indian Creek, Hell Gap Locality II, Itasca Bison Site, Coffey (Horizon III-5, KSU), Coffey (Horizon III-5, 1972-73), Baker Village, Taylor Bayou (west bank), Jack Wade, Polecat Creek (alluvial gravel), Polecat Creek (black earth), Schulze Cave (layer C1), Schulze Cave (layer C2)

See also Bison antiquus, Bison bison, Bison exiguus, Bison latifrons, Bison occidentalis, Bison priscus, Bison sp.