Aves (bird)

Abundance: 0.10 to 20.13% (median 1.63%)

Latitudinal range: -37.0° to 67.8°

Habitats: (20) only

Found in 20 samples

Australia: Grant Hall (Layer 2), Grant Hall (Layer 3)

Canada: Old Crow River Loc. 11A (square S30E120), Cactus Flower

Greece: Lakonis Cave I (upper bone breccia), Lakonis Cave I (lower bone breccia)

Israel: Manot Cave (Area D, Biogenic Unit)

Italy: Cava Muracci, Riparo Biarzo (SU 4 + 3B)

United States: Crystal Ball Cave, Site 48SW270, McKinley Site (Zone A), Wewukiyepuh, Joe Clark, Deadman Slough (Excavation Unit), Watson Brake (3.2 mm fraction), Pine Hill, Otter Creek No. 2 (Zone 3), Sachsen Cave Shelter, Baker Village

See also Aves indet., Aves indet. large, Aves indet. small