Aspidosperma cylindrocarpon (tree)

Abundance: 0.08 to 2.13%

Latitudinal range: -18.6° to -14.8°

Habitats: tropical/subtropical dry broadleaf forest (2) only

Found in two samples

Bolivia: Oquiriquia

Brazil: John Kennedy Forest

See also Aspidosperma, Aspidosperma album, Aspidosperma amapa, Aspidosperma australe, Aspidosperma carapanauba, Aspidosperma cruenta, Aspidosperma cuspa, Aspidosperma desmanthum, Aspidosperma discolor, Aspidosperma eleanum, Aspidosperma eteanun, Aspidosperma excelsum, Aspidosperma macrocarpon, Aspidosperma marcgravianum, Aspidosperma megalocarpon, Aspidosperma megalocarpum, Aspidosperma nitidum, Aspidosperma oblongum, Aspidosperma obscurinervium, Aspidosperma olivaceum, Aspidosperma parvifolium, Aspidosperma polyneuron, Aspidosperma pyricollum, Aspidosperma pyrifolium, Aspidosperma quebrachoblanco, Aspidosperma ramiflorum, Aspidosperma rigidum, Aspidosperma sp., Aspidosperma sp. 1, Aspidosperma sp. 2, Aspidosperma spruceanum, Aspidosperma subincanum, Aspidosperma tambopatensis, Aspidosperma tomentosum