Apodemus sylvaticus (rodent)

Abundance: 1.07 to 55.45% (median 20.65%)

Latitudinal range: 38.1° to 61.5°

Habitats: (2), Mediterranean woodland (2), temperate broadleaf/mixed forest (7), temperate coniferous forest (1), temperate wetland (1)

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Found in 13 samples

China: Bolshoy Ussuriysky Island

France: Boult-aux-Bois (2010), Briquenay (2010), Massereau

Germany: Grafrath

Italy: Monticchie Nature Reserve (woodland)

Norway: Angedalen (spring), Angedalen (fall)

Portugal: Centre of Environmental Biology Field Station, Grândola Hills

Spain: Sima del Elefante (TE19), Vallparadís Estació layer EVT7

Sweden: Albo

See also Apodemus, Apodemus agrarius, Apodemus argenteus, Apodemus atavus, Apodemus chevrieri, Apodemus dominans, Apodemus draco, Apodemus ex gr. sylvaticus, Apodemus flavicollis, Apodemus gorafensis, Apodemus gr. sylvaticus-flavicollis, Apodemus gudrunae, Apodemus jeanteti, Apodemus latronum, Apodemus mystacinus, Apodemus peninsulae, Apodemus sp., Apodemus speciosus, Apodemus spp., Apodemus uralensis