Aphodius (scarab beetle)

Abundance: 0.01 to 96.27% (median 6.67%)

Latitudinal range: -33.9° to 52.3°

Habitats: (1), Mediterranean woodland (7), desert/xeric shrubland (3), montane grassland (1), temperate broadleaf/mixed forest (18), temperate savanna (14), tropical/subtropical dry broadleaf forest (2), tropical/subtropical moist broadleaf forest (11), tropical/subtropical savanna (6)

Found in 63 samples

Argentina: Las Gamas (EB), Las Gamas (PS)

Australia: South of Busselton (dung bait), South of Busselton (carrion bait)

Brazil: Biological Dynamics of Forest Fragments Project (diurnal traps), Biological Dynamics of Forest Fragments Project (nocturnal traps), Vilela Farm

Canada: Purple Springs Grazing Reserve A, Purple Springs Grazing Reserve B, Purple Springs Grazing Reserve C, Animal Disease Research Institute (1995)

China: Donggu, Tongling, Decha, Baiyinxile Ranch (horse manure)

Ecuador: Centro Cientifico de Rio Palenque (May 1975), Centro Cientifico de Rio Palenque (February 1976), Centro Cientifico de Rio Palenque (July 1976)

France: Viols 1, Viols 2, Verdon Valley M[1] (July)

French Guiana: Nouragues Biological Field Station (hour 21)

India: Kurukshetra, Singhori Wildlife Sanctuary (mixed forests site 2), Singhori Wildlife Sanctuary (agricultural lands site 4)

Indonesia: Palolo Valley (annual cultures), Palolo Valley (natural forest), Toro (open areas/anoa dung)

Ireland: County Cork and County Tipperary (organic farms)

Italy: Ferret Valley (shrubbery), Chiusa Pesio

Japan: Ohdaigahara Site A, Ohdaigahara Site B, Ohdaigahara Site C, Northeastern Tochigi Prefecture

Malaysia: Temengor Forest Reserve (logger camp)

Mexico: Laboratorio del Desierto (dung pats), Laboratorio del Desierto (pitfall trap site 1)

Portugal: Odivelas

Spain: Sierra de Baza (low), Sierra de Baza (medium), Sierra de Baza (high), Sierra de Salinas and Sierra de Onil (cattle dung, May), Sierra de Salinas and Sierra de Onil (rabbit dung, May)

Tunisia: Mejerda Valley

Turkey: Dagmarmara (600 m, 2004)

United States: Blackbeard Island, Cumberland Island, East of Arapaho Prairie, Arapaho Prairie, North of Caldwell (open pasture, 1979), Hutcheson Memorial Forest disturbed field (June/July), Hutcheson Memorial Forest old growth forest (June/July), Rutgers University Bovine Farm (June/July), Lake City Research Center Site A, Lake City Research Center Site B, Brookings County (cattle manure), Brookings County (sheep manure), Highland Road Observatory Park (March), Missouri Ozark Forest Ecosystem Project (no harvest management), Crystal Ball Cave

Uruguay: Estación Experimental del Secretariado Uruguayo de la Lana (bovine dung), Estación Experimental del Secretariado Uruguayo de la Lana (ovine dung)

See also Aphodius affinis, Aphodius ambiguus, Aphodius annamariae, Aphodius ater, Aphodius biguttatus, Aphodius brahminus, Aphodius breviusculus, Aphodius burgaltaicus, Aphodius calichromus, Aphodius campestris, Aphodius coloradensis, Aphodius comatus, Aphodius comma, Aphodius consputus, Aphodius constans, Aphodius contaminatus, Aphodius crenatus, Aphodius depressus, Aphodius distinctus, Aphodius eccoptus, Aphodius elegans, Aphodius elevatus, Aphodius equestris, Aphodius erraticus, Aphodius fasciatus, Aphodius fimetarius, Aphodius foetidus, Aphodius fossor, Aphodius ghardimaouensis, Aphodius granarius, Aphodius haemorrhoidalis, Aphodius haroldianus, Aphodius ibericus, Aphodius igai, Aphodius immundus, Aphodius insignior, Aphodius iowaensis, Aphodius isaburoi, Aphodius kirni, Aphodius lentus, Aphodius lineolatus, Aphodius lividus, Aphodius lugens, Aphodius luridus, Aphodius lusitanicus, Aphodius lutulentus, Aphodius madara, Aphodius merdarius, Aphodius moestus, Aphodius nigrita, Aphodius nigritus, Aphodius obscurus, Aphodius paracoenosus, Aphodius picinus, Aphodius pinguellus, Aphodius pinguis, Aphodius platensis, Aphodius porcus, Aphodius praeustus, Aphodius pratensis, Aphodius prodromus, Aphodius propraetor, Aphodius pseudolividus, Aphodius pusillus, Aphodius putoni, Aphodius quadratus, Aphodius quadrimaculatus, Aphodius rectus, Aphodius rubeolus, Aphodius rubripennis, Aphodius rufipes, Aphodius rufus, Aphodius rugosostriatus, Aphodius ruricola, Aphodius rusicola, Aphodius satellitius, Aphodius scrofa, Aphodius scrutator, Aphodius scybalarius, Aphodius sordescens, Aphodius sordidus, Aphodius sp 11, Aphodius sp., Aphodius sp. 1, Aphodius sp. 2, Aphodius sp. 3, Aphodius sp. 4, Aphodius sp. 5, Aphodius sp. 6, Aphodius sp. 7, Aphodius sp. 8, Aphodius sp. 81-168, Aphodius sp. 81-169, Aphodius sp. 81-170, Aphodius sp. 81-171, Aphodius sp. 9, Aphodius sp. I, Aphodius sphacelatus, Aphodius stercorosus, Aphodius sterocorosa, Aphodius sticticus, Aphodius striatulus, Aphodius sturmi, Aphodius sublimbatus, Aphodius subterraneus, Aphodius superatratus, Aphodius tenuistriatus, Aphodius tersus, Aphodius testaceous, Aphodius unicolor, Aphodius unifasciatus, Aphodius uniformis, Aphodius uniplagiatus, Aphodius urostigma, Aphodius vittatus