Antilocapra americana (ungulate)

Abundance: 0.01 to 85.43% (median 0.98%)

Latitudinal range: 29.4° to 50.8°

Habitats: (24) only

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Found in 24 samples

Canada: Cactus Flower

Mexico: La Playa, El Zurdo

United States: Crystal Ball Cave, Silver Creek, Haystack Cave (lower levels), Rancho La Brea (Pit 91), North Creek Shelter (Early Archaic), Spring Creek, Site 48SW270, Hulme Site, McIntosh, Lower Walnut Settlement, Bone Cave, Rattlesnake Point Pueblo (Unit 2), Trappers Point (Stratum III), Trappers Point (Stratum V), Trappers Point (Stratum VII), Jim Pitts, Dead Indian Creek, Hell Gap Locality II, Itasca Bison Site, Baker Village, Eleventh Hour Site (Room 7, Layer 3)

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