Agriocnemis pygmaea (odonate)

Abundance: 0.68 to 12.50% (median 3.31%)

Latitudinal range: -7.5° to 22.5°

Habitats: lake (1), mangrove (1), tropical/subtropical dry broadleaf forest (4), tropical/subtropical moist broadleaf forest (2), tropical/subtropical savanna (1)

Found in 9 samples

India: Pohara Malkhed Reserve Forest, Madurai (weeded), Madurai (partially weeded), Poultry Pukur, Empress Garden, Sagar Island (August 1983)

Indonesia: Manik Rambung (rice field A, dry season), Sumber Jabung

Philippines: Lake Babuyan

See also Agriocnemis, Agriocnemis exilis, Agriocnemis falcifera, Agriocnemis femina, Agriocnemis gratiosa, Agriocnemis lacteola, Agriocnemis maclachlani, Agriocnemis pygmea, Agriocnemis rubescens, Agriocnemis splendidissima, Agriocnemis zerafica