Accipiter virgatus (bird)

Mass: 10.6 g

Diet: carnivore based on Joshi et al. 2012 and Zou et al. 2012

Abundance: 0.01 to 1.32% (median 0.33%)

Latitudinal range: 2.9° to 36.7°

Habitats: temperate broadleaf/mixed forest (2), tropical/subtropical dry broadleaf forest (3), tropical/subtropical moist broadleaf forest (4), tropical/subtropical wetland (1)

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Found in 10 samples

China: Shunhuang Shan Nature Reserve, Dawei Shan Nature Reserve, Foping National Nature Reserve (2020)

India: Wangasara (Forest A)

Japan: Tateyama Range

Malaysia: Paya Indah Wetland Reserve

Philippines: Mt. Kitanglad (1500 - 1800 m), Panicuason Central Nursery

Thailand: Wat Phai Lom (1969), Wat Phai Lom (1970)

Size measurements:
100 mmN = 1
112 mmN = 1

See also Accipiter, Accipiter badius, Accipiter bicolor, Accipiter brevipes, Accipiter cirrocephalus, Accipiter cooperii, Accipiter fasciatus, Accipiter gentilis, Accipiter gularis, Accipiter melanochlamys, Accipiter minullus, Accipiter nisus, Accipiter ovampensis, Accipiter soloensis, Accipiter sp., Accipiter striatus, Accipiter superciliosus, Accipiter tachiro, Accipiter trinotatus, Accipiter trivirgatus