Microtus oeconomus (rodent)

Mass: 36.5 g based on Feuer 1958 and McNab 1992

Abundance: 0.29 to 48.82% (median 3.38%)

Latitudinal range: 45.7° to 68.6°

Habitats: (4), boreal forest/taiga (2), temperate broadleaf/mixed forest (1), tundra (2)

Found in 9 samples

France: Bois Roche (layer 1c), Bois Roche (layer 2)

Germany: Kettig

Poland: Knihiniówka

Russia: Kuznetsovka

United States: Agiak Lake, De Long Mountains (riparian grass-willow), Toolik Lake, Upper Susitna River Basin

Size measurements:
body mass38.34 gN = 48Feuer 1958
body mass35.4 gN = 76McNab 1992
total body length143.5 mmN = 48Feuer 1958
head and body length111.8 mmN = 48Feuer 1958
tail length31.7 mmN = 48Feuer 1958
hind foot length19.8 mmN = 48Feuer 1958
ear length9.0 mmN = 48Feuer 1958

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