Ecological Register data plot: trees
Log species richness
Log individuals
Total number of samples: 513
Pearson's correlation r = 0.607
Spearman's correlation ρ = 0.601
Median sample size = 383.50
Median richness = 30.0
First set of points:
Second set:

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Habitat alteration:

Mouse over a point to see summary data. Click on a point to see the full data record. Blue = first set, orange = second set.

new estimate = value of an unpublished richness estimator that uses sampling standardisation.

dominance = the proportion of individuals belonging to the most common species.

Fisher's alpha = the governing parameter of the log series distribution, which is correlated with richness.

geometric series k = the governing parameter of the geometric series distribution, which is strongly correlated with alpha.

Shannon's H = the information metric -sum(f ln(f)) where f = the species frequencies, a measure of richness and evenness.

Hurlbert's PIE = a sample-size corrected version of Simpson's D, a measure of richness and evenness with a stronger evenness signal.

Pielou's J = H/ln(S) where S = richness, a standard measure of evenness.

Good's u = 1 - s1/N where s1 = the number of singletons and N = the number of individuals, the accepted measure of frequency distribution coverage.