Basic information
Sample name: Tsarakibany

Reference: M. D. Steer, A. Vater, and S. McCann-Wood. 2009. The effect of forest degradation on the species richness and diversity of a diurnal Lepidoptera community in northern Madagascar. Frontier Madagascar Environmental Research Report 22:1-20 [ER 670]
Country: Madagascar

Coordinate: -12.464900° S, 49.102100° E
Basis of coordinate: stated in text
Geography comments: "approximately 85km south of Antsiranana"
Climate and habitat
Habitat: tropical/subtropical moist broadleaf forest
Altered habitat: disturbed forest
Substrate: ground surface
Disturbance: grazing, selective logging
MAT: 29.0
MAP: 2328.0
Habitat comments: "The majority of secondary forest fragments have been altered with the introduction of productive species" and there is "zebu grazing, selective logging and charcoaling"
mean precip is 14 mm per day from November to March (= 2114 mm) and 1 mm per day from April to December (= 214 mm); MAT is 28 during the dry season and peaks out at 31 during the wet season, so 29 seems like a good guess
Life forms: butterflies
Sites: 4
Sampling methods: sweep nets, visual
Sample size: 783
Days: 28
Sampling comments: sweep netting plus visual counts: there were seven surveys each of four sites (apparently one day each) for a total of 176 man hours
Sample: 977
Contributor: John Alroy
Enterer: John Alroy
Created: 2014-06-27 21:43:31
Modified: 2014-07-13 17:40:39
Abundance distribution
63 species
13 singletons
total count 783
extrapolated richness: 81.0
Fisher's α: 16.146
geometric series k: 0.9292
Hurlbert's PIE: 0.9509
Shannon's H: 3.4180
Good's u: 0.9834
Each square represents a species. Square sizes are proportional to counts.