Purnululu National Park (spinifex)
Basic information
Sample name: Purnululu National Park (spinifex)

Reference: L. Barrow, C. L. Parr, and J. L. Kohen. 2006. Biogeography and diversity of ants in Purnululu (Bungle Bungle) National Park and Conservation Reserve, Western Australia. Australian Journal of Zoology 54:123-136 [ER 531]
Country: Australia
State: Western Australia

Coordinate: 17° 19' S, 128° 19' E
Basis of coordinate: stated in text
Climate and habitat
Habitat: tropical/subtropical savanna
Protection: national/state park
Substrate: ground surface
MAT: 27.5
MAP: 650.0
Habitat comments: "eucalypt-dominated open woodland and mixed grassland… Mean annual rainfall is <650 mm, with 90% of this falling between November and March. Average diurnal temperatures range from 20–35°C"; specific habitat is "a hummock grassland of hard spinifex… with scattered woody species"
Life forms: ants
Sites: 12
Site area: 0.960
Sampling methods: quadrat
Sample size: 35877
Years: 2004, 2005
Days: 4
Nets or traps: 180
Net or trap nights: 720
Sampling comments: 12 3 x 5 pitfall trap sampling grids with the traps spaced 10 m apart; traps were left open for 48 hours on two occasions
Sample: 905
Contributor: John Alroy
Enterer: John Alroy
Created: 2014-05-04 08:40:45
Modified: 2014-05-04 08:40:45
Abundance distribution
85 species
13 singletons
total count 35877
extrapolated richness: 101.0
Fisher's α: 10.439
geometric series k: 0.8854
Hurlbert's PIE: 0.4053
Shannon's H: 1.1674
Good's u: 0.9996
Each square represents a species. Square sizes are proportional to counts.
Odonotomachus sp. A (ruficeps group)45
Platythyrea sp. A (parallela group)6
Rhytidoponera sp. 2 (aurata group)6
Rhytidoponera sp. D (tenuis group)377
Rhytidoponera sp. E (Group A)396
Rhytidoponera sp. F (reticulata group)3
Rhytidoponera sp. J (taurus group)260
Crematogaster queenslandica12
Crematogaster sp. 2 (laeviceps group)101
Crematogaster sp. B (queenslandica group)19
Meranoplus pubescens20
Meranoplus sp. E (hirsutus group)146
Meranoplus sp. F (Group C)5
Meranoplus sp. G (excavatus group)4
Meranoplus sp. I (excavatus group)2
Meranoplus sp. J (puryi group)1
Meranoplus sp. Q (puryi group)2
Monomorium ? anderseni206
Monomorium disetigerum67
Monomorium fieldi71
Monomorium sp. 8 (carinatum group)2
Monomorium sp. A (laeve group)33
Monomorium sp. B (carinatum group)11
Monomorium sp. E (laeve group)8
Monomorium sp. H (laeve group)30
Monomorium sp. M (rothsteini group)1
Monomorium sp. N (rothsteini group)157
Monomorium silaceum4
Pheidole sp. B (variabilis group)2
Pheidole sp. C (longiceps group)1
Pheidole sp. D (Group C)4
Pheidole sp. E (ampla group)5
Tetramorium ? sjostedti15
Tetramorium sp. A (spininode group)5
Tetramorium sp. D (striolatum group)5
Tetramorium sp. E (Group A)1
Iridomyrmex pallidus87
Iridomyrmex reburrus1
Iridomyrmex sanguineus447
Iridomyrmex sp. 1 (anceps group)2739
Iridomyrmex sp. 2 (mattiroloi group)1
Iridomyrmex sp. 12 (pallidus group)90
Iridomyrmex sp. 17 (pallidus group)3
Iridomyrmex sp. E (‘cyaneus’ group)15
Iridomyrmex sp. F (gracilis group)27486
Iridomyrmex sp. H (mattiroloi group)905
Iridomyrmex sp. N (rufoniger group)4
Tapinoma sp. A (minutum group)2
Camponotus fieldeae142
Camponotus sp. 11 (novaehollandiae group)5
Camponotus sp. A (discors group)28
Camponotus sp. G (rubiginosus group)1
Camponotus sp. H (pellax group)1
Camponotus sp. I (rubiginosus group)1
Camponotus sp. J (rubiginosus group)3
Melophorus bagoti367
Melophorus sp. 1 (aeneovirens group)42
Melophorus sp. 20 (fieldi group)7
Melophorus sp. AC (bruneus group)2
Melophorus sp. AF (mjobergi group)1
Melophorus sp. C (froggatti group)10
Melophorus sp. D (Group C)57
Melophorus sp. F (fieldi group)192
Melophorus sp. G (Goup J)17
Melophorus sp. H (Group E)98
Melophorus sp. I (mjobergi group)5
Melophorus sp. J (mjobergi group)5
Melophorus sp. K (mjobergi group)37
Melophorus sp. L (perthensis group)76
Melophorus sp. M (group D)896
Melophorus sp. P (Group J)1
Melophorus sp. S (Group G)5
Melophorus sp. T (Group B)3
Melophorus sp. U (Group J)6
Melophorus sp. V (aeneovirens group)4
Melophorus sp. Z (Group A)3
Opisthopsis haddoni3
Paratrechina sp. A (minutula group)1
Paratrechina sp. C (minutula group)6
Polyrhachis inconspicua3
Polyrhachis senilis18
Polyrhachis sp. 3 (ammon group)2
Polyrhachis sp. 9 (obtusa group)13
Polyrhachis sp. I (ammon group)2
Stigmacros termitoxenus1