Usina São José (Atlantic Forest)
Basic information
Sample name: Usina São José (Atlantic Forest)

Reference: M. P. C. J. Santos, A. F. Carrano-Moreira, and J. B. Torres. 2012. Diversidade de formigas epigeicas (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) em floresta ombrófila densa e em cultivo de cana-de-açúcar, no município de Igarassu, PE. Revista Brasileira de Ciencias Agrarias 7(4):648-656 [ER 524]
Country: Brazil
State: Pernambuco

Coordinate: 7° 54' S, 35° 5' W
Basis of coordinate: stated in text
Geography comments: 40 km north of Recife
Habitat: tropical/subtropical moist broadleaf forest
Altered habitat: fragment
Substrate: leaf litter
MAT: 24.0
MAP: 1392.0
Habitat comments: fragments of Atlantic Forest of unclear size but 66 of 247 km2 in the area consists of apparently natural mata and capoeira, which suggests that most are well under 100 ha
Köppen zone "AS'" (this may mean Af)
Life forms: ants
Sites: 3
Site area: 0.048
Sampling methods: pitfall traps, hand capture
Sample size: 2406
Days: 78
Nets or traps: 27
Net or trap nights: 2106
Sampling comments: three transects each having three pitfall traps spaced 20 m apart on each of three 160 m2 quadrats and sampled for five to seven days during each of 13 consecutive months; additionally, 18 samples were collected from the leaf litter using burlap bags each month
Sample: 895
Contributor: John Alroy
Enterer: John Alroy
Created: 2014-05-03 13:30:45
Modified: 2015-02-24 11:33:08
Abundance distribution
80 species
26 singletons
total count 2406
extrapolated richness: 122.1
Fisher's α: 15.922
geometric series k: 0.9227
Hurlbert's PIE: 0.8995
Shannon's H: 2.9546
Good's u: 0.9892
Each square represents a species. Square sizes are proportional to counts.
Dorymyrmex sp. 11
Eciton mexicanum5
Neivamyrmex pilosus77
Brachymyrmex sp. 345
Camponotus sp. 123
Camponotus sp. 22
Camponotus atriceps3
Apterostygma sp. 22
Apterostygma sp. 366
Atta sp. 13
Atta sp. 21
Atta cephalotes44
Atta sexdens sexdens42
Cyphomyrmex salvini7
Sericomyrmex sp. 11
Sericomyrmex sp. 22
Trachymyrmex sp. 11
Trachymyrmex sp. 21
Trachymyrmex sp. 3168
Wasmannia auropunctata33
Cephalotes atratus3
Megalomyrmex 1P. 11
Monomorium 1P. 16
Monomorium floricola16
Solenopsis 1P. 140
Solenopsis saevissima7
Crematogaster brasiliensis23
Crematogaster curvispinosa1
Crematogaster crinosa1
Crematogaster tenuicula16
Paratrechina 1P. 13
Paratrechina 1P. 223
Hylomyrma 1P. 11
Hylomyrma 1P. 21
Hylomyrma dolichops3
Hylomyrma immanis20
Pheidole sp. 21
Pheidole 1P. 3207
Pheidole 1P. 44
Pheidole 1P. 52
Pheidole 1P. 658
Pheidole sp. 113
Pheidole bufo3
Pheidole diligens93
Pheidole radoszkowskii353
Pyramica eggersi64
Octostruma sp. 13
Ectatomma sp. 11
Ectatomma brunneum62
Gnamptogenys sp. 11
Gnamptogenys regularis1
Hypoponera sp. 212
Hypoponera sp. 351
Odontomachus bauri15
Odontomachus meinerti3
Pachycondyla sp. 13
Pachycondyla sp. 23
Pachycondyla apicalis1
Pachycondyla crassinoda92
Pachycondyla constricta576
Formicidae indet. 55
Formicidae indet. 121
Formicidae indet. 191
Formicidae indet. 201
Formicidae indet. 252
Formicidae indet. 3025
Formicidae indet. 316
Formicidae indet. 361
Formicidae indet. 394
Formicidae indet. 5120
Formicidae indet. 531
Formicidae indet. 621
Formicidae indet. 691
Formicidae indet. 731
Formicidae indet. 885
Formicidae indet. 971
Formicidae indet. 1051
Formicidae indet. 1081
Formicidae indet. 10912
Formicidae indet. 11212