Southern Ghana
Basic information
Sample name: Southern Ghana

Reference: R. Belshaw and B. Bolton. 1994. A survey of the leaf litter ant fauna in Ghana, West Africa (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Journal of Hymenoptera Research 3:5-16 [ER 509]
Country: Ghana

Coordinate: 6° 40' N, 1° 20' W
Basis of coordinate: estimated from map
Geography comments: sites are arrayed more or less in a line striking across the inland of southern Ghana and centered roughly on Kumasi and Lake Bosumtwi
Climate and habitat
Habitat: tropical/subtropical dry broadleaf forest
Altered habitat: secondary forest
Substrate: leaf litter
Disturbance: agriculture
MAT: 26.0
WMT: 26.8
CMT: 23.2
MAP: 1450.0
Habitat comments: "moist semi-deciduous zone… 14 areas of primary forest… 10 areas of secondary forest… and 10 cocoa farms"
climate data are based on Turner et al. (1996, Journal of Hydrology) and apply to Kumasi
Life forms: ants
Sites: 34
Site area: 0.043
Sampling methods: quadrat, Winkler apparatus
Sample size: 43824
Years: 1991, 1992
Sampling comments: "At each site an area of approximately 1000m2 was measured out. Within this area ten 1m2 quadrats were placed at random. All the leaf litter in a quadrat was collected, shaken through a 1 cm sieve, and then left for three days in a Winkler bag"
Sample: 878
Contributor: John Alroy
Enterer: John Alroy
Created: 2014-04-27 19:12:47
Modified: 2015-07-07 17:01:33
Abundance distribution
197 species
29 singletons
total count 43824
extrapolated richness: 227.6
Fisher's α: 26.593
geometric series k: 0.9570
Hurlbert's PIE: 0.9591
Shannon's H: 3.7686
Good's u: 0.9993
Each square represents a species. Square sizes are proportional to counts.
Aenictus sp. 11
Aenictus sp. 21
Apomyrma stygia1
Cerapachys foreli55
Cerapachys nitidulus299
Cerapachys n. sp.3
Tapinoma sp.2
Technomyrmex sp. 1821
Technomyrmex sp. 2163
Technomyrmex sp. 33
Technomyrmex sp. 43
Technomyrmex sp. 5530
Dorylus sp.1477
Camponotus acvapimensis2
Camponotus flavomarginatus15
Camponotus maculatus2
Camponotus vividus2
Polyrhachis decemdentata2
Polyrhachis militaris24
Polyrhachis rufipalpis2
Polyrhachis weissi1
Paratrechina sp. 1794
Paratrechina sp. 248
Paratrechina sp. 3148
Paratrechina sp. 41
Pseudolasius sp.270
Oecophylla longinoda15
Acropyga sp.17
Lepisiota sp. 14
Lepisiota sp. 22
Lepisiota sp. 31
Lepisiota sp. 410
Lepisiota sp. 51
Lepisiota sp. 61
Plagiolepis sp.19
Leptanilla boltoni30
Cataulacus guineensis1
Crematogaster depressa499
Crematogaster bequaerti9
Crematogaster clariventris24
Crematogaster striatula2210
Crematogaster sp. 11
Crematogaster sp. 21
Crematogaster sp. 31
Crematogaster sp. 49
Crematogaster sp. 5103
Epitritus laticeps27
Epitritus roomi53
Epitritus tiglath9
Glamyromyrmex crypturus57
Glamyromyrmex sistrurus110
Glamyromyrmex tetragnathus31
Glamyromyrmex tukultus20
Microdaceton tibialis53
Quadristruma emmae1
Serrastruma concolor238
Serrastruma ludovici20
Serrastruma lujae802
Serrastruma serrula823
Smithistruma cavinasis3
Smithistruma enkara7
Smithistruma fulda2
Smithistruma hensekta58
Smithistruma malaplax69
Smithistruma marginata1
Smithistruma minkara55
Smithistruma ninda55
Smithistruma sharra25
Smithistruma tacta56
Smithistruma tigrilla9
Smithistruma n. sp.4
Strumigenys korahyla1
Strumigenys nimbrata70
Strumigenys petiolata1439
Strumigenys rogeri177
Strumigenys rufobrunea1059
Strumigenys spathoda1
Strumigenys vazerka22
Cardiocondyla neferka1
Leptothorax angulatus1
Terataner piceus1
Meranoplus inermis1
Pristomyrmex africanus79
Pristomyrmex orbiceps505
Afroxyidris crigensis2
Oligomyrmex sp. 1440
Oligomyrmex sp. 21957
Oligomyrmex sp. 31532
Oligomyrmex sp. 4123
Oligomyrmex sp. 5245
Oligomyrmex sp. 6967
Oligomyrmex sp. 798
Oligomyrmex sp. 8602
Oligomyrmex sp. 9156
Oligomyrmex sp. 10197
Oligomyrmex sp. 1139
Oligomyrmex sp. 12104
Paedalgus distinctus228
Paedalgus saritus42
Pheidole sp. 1778
Pheidole sp. 25474
Pheidole sp. 3180
Pheidole sp. 467
Pheidole sp. 5213
Pheidole sp. 610
Pheidole sp. 798
Pheidole sp. 88
Pheidole sp. 9496
Pheidole sp. 1074
Pheidole sp. 1130
Monomorium bicolor1
Monomorium cryptobium1475
Monomorium draxocum5
Monomorium exiguum605
Monomorium floricola13
Monomorium egens8
Monomorium grabrielense42
Monomorium guineense55
Monomorium invidium3432
Monomorium pharaonis17
Monomorium rosae7
Monomorium tanysum2
Monomorium trake10
Monomorium sp. 122
Monomorium sp. 213
Monomorium sp. 375
Baracidris meketra8
Calyptomyrmex kaurus18
Calyptomyrmex nummuliticus11
Decamorium decem119
Tetramorium aculeatum3
Tetramorium amentete106
Tetramorium antrema162
Tetramorium ataxium140
Tetramorium brevispinosum118
Tetramorium camerunense2
Tetramorium distinctum552
Tetramorium flavithorax350
Tetramorium furtivum689
Tetramorium guineense417
Tetramorium ictidum1
Tetramorium invictum65
Tetramorium jugatum4
Tetramorium lucayanum3
Tetramorium menkaura21
Tetramorium minimum368
Tetramorium muralti189
Tetramorium muscorum18
Tetramorium peutli28
Tetramorium quadridentatum1
Tetramorium rhetidum971
Tetramorium youngi7
Tetramorium zambesium2293
Tetramorium zapyrum33
Tetramorium n. sp. weitzeckeri group30
Tetramorium n. sp. convexum group5
Tetramorium n. sp. dumezi group2
Amblyopone mutica3
Amblyopone santschii6
Discothyrea oculata1
Discothyrea mixta3
Discothyrea sp. 15
Discothyrea sp. 23
Platythyrea conradti1
Probolomyrmex guineensis46
Anochetus africanus170
Anochetus bequaerti43
Anochetus katonae568
Anochetus maynei1
Anochetus siphneus6
Anochetus n. sp.4
Asphinctopone silvestrii5
Cryptopone sp.2
Hypoponera sp. 1244
Hypoponera sp. 21828
Hypoponera sp. 311
Hypoponera sp. 498
Hypoponera sp. 5223
Hypoponera sp. 66
Leptogenys nuserra15
Leptogenys n. sp.1
Odontomachus assiniensis8
Odontomachus troglodytes22
Pachycondyla ambigua24
Pachycondyla brunoi24
Pachycondyla caffraria86
Pachycondyla fugax12
Pachycondyla pachyderma16
Pachycondyla soror2
Pachycondyla sp.18
Pachycondyla n. sp.1
Paltothyreus tarsatus25
Phrynoponera bequaerti13
Phrynoponera gabonensis24
Plectroctena macgeei3
Formicidae n. gen. n. sp. 13
Formicidae n. gen. n. sp. 21