Pirincay (Transition)
Basic information
Sample name: Pirincay (Transition)

Reference: G. R. Miller and A. L. Gill. 1990. Zooarchaeology at Pirincay, a Formative Period site in highland Ecuador. Journal of Field Archaeology 17(1):49-68 [ER 3405]
Country: Ecuador

Coordinate: 2° 49' S, 78° 46' W
Basis of coordinate: estimated from map
Geography comments: "2º 47' S, 78º W... on a spur overlooking the Río Paute, some 2 km south of the town of Paute"
there are "18 radiocarbon dates ranging from 1220 +/- 120 b.c. to a.c. 190 +/- 45" but no details are given and they may be uncalibrated
"The three biostratigraphic components" are Early, Transition, and Late, respectively dated to about 1000 B.C., 300 B.C., and A.C. 100
Climate and habitat
Lithology: not described
Taphonomic context: human accumulation, midden
Archaeology: buildings, ceramics, hearths
Habitat comments: there are clearly ceramics throughout the section
"the Early component consists basically of... a series of floors interspersed with midden and quantities of burnt wattle and daub"; six "white-tail deer bones had been butchered"
there are "butchery marks and fracture patterns" on Transition period deer bones
during the Late interval the deposit resulted from "dumping fresh garbage onto the floors of abandoned houses"
Life forms: carnivores, rodents, ungulates, other small mammals, birds, clams, snails
Sampling methods: quarry
Sample size: 94
Years: 1984 - 1986
Sampling comments: first collected in 1972 and 1980, but "full-scale" excavation "began in 1984 and continued until 1987... The faunal remains analyzed here were recovered from 57.5 cu m of deposits excavated during the first three seasons"
indeterminate specimens include cervids (six), rodent (one), and mammals (seven)
Sample: 3788
Contributor: John Alroy
Enterer: John Alroy
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Abundance distribution
11 species
2 singletons
total count 94
extrapolated richness: 15.2
Fisher's α: 3.231
geometric series k: 0.6915
Hurlbert's PIE: 0.7628
Shannon's H: 1.8181
Good's u: 0.9794
Each square represents a species. Square sizes are proportional to counts.