Karrak Lake
Basic information
Sample name: Karrak Lake
Sample aka: Queen Maud Gulf Bird Sanctuary

Reference: G. Samelius and R. T. Alisauskas. 2009. Habitat alteration by geese at a large arctic goose colony: consequences for lemmings and voles. Canadian Journal of Zoology 87:95-101 [ER 3249]
Country: Canada
State: Nunavut

Coordinate: 67° 14' N, 100° 15' W
Basis of coordinate: stated in text
Geography comments: "at Karrak Lake... and surrounding areas in the Queen Maud Gulf Bird Sanctuary"
Climate and habitat
Habitat: tundra
Protection: unprotected
Substrate: ground surface
Habitat comments: "gently rolling tundra"
Life forms: rodents
Sites: 4
Sampling methods: line transect, baited, snap traps
Sample size: 41
Years: 2000 - 2004
Days: 10
Seasons: summer
Nets or traps: 300
Net or trap nights: 3000
Sampling comments: sampling was "from July 2000 to July 2004... in two 1 km x 1 km study areas in the goose colony at Karrak Lake and in two 1 km x 1 km study areas outside the colony" and sampling was only in "early to mid-July" each year
there were "three traplines" in each area and "Each trapline consisted of 25 trap-stations, spaced 10 m apart, and with one snap-trap within 1 m of each trap station... Traplines were set for two consecutive nights" and "baited with a mixture of peanut butter and rolled oats"; there was a total of "2744.5 trap-nights" because the authors "subtracted 0.5 trap-nights for each trap that was snapped without capture", so the actual total seems to have been 10 x 300 = 3000 trap-nights
Sample: 3579
Contributor: John Alroy
Enterer: John Alroy
Created: 2019-12-25 12:56:16
Modified: 2019-12-25 12:56:16
Abundance distribution
3 species
0 singletons
total count 41
extrapolated richness: 3.0
Fisher's α: 0.745
geometric series k: 0.3612
Hurlbert's PIE: 0.5348
Shannon's H: 0.8835
Good's u: 1.0000
Each square represents a species. Square sizes are proportional to counts.