Pu'er City
Basic information
Sample name: Pu'er City

Reference: Z. Lu, B. D. Hoffmann, and Y. Chen. 2016. Can reforested and plantation habitats effectively conserve SW China's ant biodiversity?. Biodiversity and Conservation 25:753-770 [ER 2123]
Country: China
State: Yunnan

Coordinate: 22° 47' N, 100° 58' E
Basis of coordinate: stated in text
Habitat: tropical/subtropical moist broadleaf forest
Substrate: ground surface
MAT: 18.7
MAP: 1519.0
Habitat comments: "evergreen broad-leaved forests" that is "relatively undisturbed... with a history of low-intensity wood harvesting and no agriculture"
Life forms: ants
Sampling methods: line transect, sweep nets, pitfall traps
Sample size: 2952
Years: 2008
Days: 5
Nets or traps: 40
Net or trap nights: 200
Sampling comments: four plots; "Sampling was conducted during sunny and warm weather... in June 2008... We established one 90 m transect in each plot to sample both epigeic and arboreal ants. Epigeic ants were sampled using 10 pitfall traps spaced 10 m apart along the transect... Traps were operated for 5 days... Arboreal ants were sampled by sweep netting and foliage shaking. Ten sweep net samples were collected along each transect"
Sample: 2101
Contributor: John Alroy
Enterer: John Alroy
Created: 2016-06-16 15:06:28
Modified: 2016-06-17 10:46:55
Abundance distribution
77 species
19 singletons
total count 2952
extrapolated richness: 108.7
Fisher's α: 14.464
geometric series k: 0.9109
Hurlbert's PIE: 0.6993
Shannon's H: 1.8655
Good's u: 0.9936
Each square represents a species. Square sizes are proportional to counts.
Aenictus laeviceps2
Aenictus punensis1067
Cerapachys sulcinodis13
Dolichoderus affinis1
Dolichoderus squamanodus1
Dolichoderus taprobanae87
Dolichoderus thoracicus1
Iridomyrmex sp.1
Tapinoma geei9
Tapinoma melanocephalum10
Camponotus anningensis9
Camponotus confucii2
Camponotus lasiselene1
Camponotus minus3
Camponotus mitis2
Camponotus nicobarensis2
Camponotus singularis2
Lepisiota reticulate1
Nylanderia sp.6
Plagiolepis rothneyi6
Plagiolepis armata11
Plagiolepis ceylonensis36
Plagiolepis dives1
Plagiolepis halidayi2
Plagiolepis moesta38
Plagiolepis phipsoni3
Plagiolepis proxima4
Plagiolepis rastellata24
Polyrhachis sp. 57
Polyrhachis tibialis2
Pseudolasius familiaris2
Aphaenogaster beccarii3
Aphaenogaster schurri1
Cardiocondyla wroughtonii1
Carebara affinis17
Carebara trechideros1207
Cataulacus granulatus1
Crematogaster ferrarii2
Crematogaster matsumurai5
Crematogaster millardi16
Crematogaster politula47
Crematogaster rothneyi5
Crematogaster zoceensis2
Lophomyrmex quadrispinosus22
Monomorium pharaonis5
Myrmecina striata1
Myrmicaria brunnea81
Myrmicaria sp.1
Pheidole fervida2
Pheidole nietner7
Pheidole pieli1
Pheidole sinensis1
Pheidole sp.2
Pheidole spathifera5
Pristomyrmex brevispinosus3
Pristomyrmex pungens3
Recurvidris recurvispinosa2
Rhoptromyrmex wroughtonii5
Strumigenys feae3
Tetramorium cuneinode26
Tetramorium inglebyi2
Tetramorium kraepelini6
Tetramorium laparum4
Tetramorium nursei2
Tetramorium simillimum2
Tetramorium smithi7
Leptogenys diminuta1
Odontomachus circulus3
Odontomachus monticola1
Odontoponera transversa25
Pachycondyla luteipes1
Platythyrea sp.33
Ponera longlina5
Proceratium sp.7
Tetraponera birmana1
Tetraponera nigra18
Tetraponera sp.1