Mitchell Falls (laterite)
Basic information
Sample name: Mitchell Falls (laterite)

Reference: A. N. Andersen, J. Lanoue, and I. Radford. 2010. The ant fauna of the remote Mitchell Falls area of tropical north-western Australia: biogeography, environmental relationships and conservation significance. Journal of Insect Conservation 14(6):647-661 [ER 2122]
Country: Australia
State: Western Australia

Coordinate: 14° 48' S, 125° 41' E
Basis of coordinate: stated in text
Geography comments: "in and around Mitchell River National Park... The laterite sites were located along a 30 km stretch of the Port Warrender Rd., which runs parallel to, approximately 15 km east of, the Mitchell River"
Climate and habitat
Habitat: tropical/subtropical dry broadleaf forest
Protection: national/state park
Substrate: ground surface
Disturbance: recent fire
MAP: 1550.0
Habitat comments: "most of the 1550 mm mean annual rainfall "occurs "during the summer wet season (November–April)"; samples are from "the lateritic Mitchell plateau, supporting eucalypt-dominated open forest on red loams"
Life forms: ants
Sampling methods: quadrat, pitfall traps
Sample size: 17865
Years: 2007
Days: 4
Seasons: dry
Nets or traps: 320
Net or trap nights: 1280
Sampling comments: "Ants were sampled using 40 pitfall traps" at each of eight sites; "Thirty-six traps were placed at 5 m intervals along the perimeter of a 50 m × 40 m plot, with the remaining four at the corners of a 20 m × 20 m square within the centre of the plot... Traps were operated for 4-day periods in June (sandstone sites) and July (laterite sites) 2007"
Sample: 2100
Contributor: John Alroy
Enterer: John Alroy
Created: 2016-06-16 13:25:26
Modified: 2018-06-30 21:01:18
Abundance distribution
113 species
24 singletons
total count 17865
extrapolated richness: 142.3
Fisher's α: 16.116
geometric series k: 0.9285
Hurlbert's PIE: 0.8906
Shannon's H: 2.7873
Good's u: 0.9987
Each square represents a species. Square sizes are proportional to counts.
Myrmecia desertorum49
Brachyponera lutea6
Hypoponera sp. A1
Odontomachus turneri24
Odontomachus ? ruficeps3
Rythidoponera aurata17
Rythidoponera cerastes257
Rythidoponera sp. 2 (aurata gp.)207
Rythidoponera sp. D (tenuis gp.)22
Rythidoponera sp. G (reticulata gp.)1
Rythidoponera sp. J (taurus gp.)23
Rythidoponera sp. K (borealis complex)49
Rythidoponera sp. L (convexa gp.)11
Aphaenogaster kimberleyensis219
Cardiocondyla atalanta104
Crematogaster queenslandica7
Crematogaster queenslandica54
Crematogaster sp. 2 (australis complex)3
Crematogaster sp. A (queenslandica gp.)5
Meranoplus berrimah6
Meranoplus sp. 13 (aureolus complex)1
Meranoplus sp. G1
Meranoplus sp. J2
Meranoplus sp. K (Group C)4
Monomorium andersini496
Monomorium ? fieldi392
Monomorium sp. 8 (carinatum gp.)50
Monomorium sp. 13 (nigrius gp.)1
Monomorium sp. 14 (nigrius gp.)409
Monomorium sp. 22 (laeve gp.)49
Monomorium sp. 24 (laeve gp.)1866
Monomorium sp. 33 (laeve gp.)577
Monomorium sp. 35 (rothsteini gp.)81
Monomorium sp. 37 (nigrius gp.)640
Monomorium sp. E (insolescens gp.)22
Monomorium sp. F (laeve gp.)17
Monomorium sp. P (sordidum gp.)2424
Monomorium sp. R (carinatum gp.)2
Monomorium sp. S (bifidum complex)1
Monomorium sp. T (insolescens gp.)4
Monomorium sp. U (sordidum gp.)11
Pheidole impressiceps723
Pheidole sp. 3 (variabilis gp.)176
Pheidole sp. B (Group F)4
Pheidole sp. F (Group B)1
Pheidole sp. G (ampla gp.)1
Pheidole sp. J (Group K)1
Pheidole sp. K (variabilis gp.)11
Pheidole sp. M (Group C)1
Pheidole sp. O (longiceps gp.)18
Solenopsis sp. 121
Strumigenys sutrix5
Tetramorium lanuginosum1
Tetramorium sp. 1 (striolatum gp.)83
Tetramorium sp. 2 (striolatum gp.)1
Tetramorium sp. F (striolatum gp.)62
Tetramorium sp. L (Group A)10
Froggattella kirbii76
Iridomyrmex sanguineus4079
Iridomyrmex pallidus12
Iridomyrmex reburrus9
Iridomyrmex sp. 1 (anceps gp.)2424
Iridomyrmex sp. 3 (mjobergi gp.)2
Iridomyrmex sp. 4 (coeruleus gp.)36
Iridomyrmex sp. 7 (bicknelli gp.)83
Iridomyrmex sp. 8 (bicknelli gp.)10
Iridomyrmex sp. 12 (pallidus gp.)2
Ochetellus sp. 1 (glaber gp.)113
Papyrius sp. 1 (nitidus gp.)1
Tapinoma sp. A (minutum gp.)3
Tapinoma sp. B (minutum gp.)22
Acropyga sp. A1
Acropyga sp. B2
Camponotus crozieri1
Camponotus dromas5
Camponotus humilior14
Camponotus novaehollandiae60
Camponotus rubiginosus90
Camponotus sp. 9 (novaehollandiae gp.)940
Camponotus sp. B (rubiginosus gp.)7
Camponotus sp. G (discors gp.)16
Camponotus sp. I (subnitidus gp.)5
Camponotus sp. J (pellax gp.)2
Camponotus sp. P (Group D)2
Camponotus sp. R (rubiginosus gp.)5
Camponotus sp. S (novaehollandiae gp.)22
Camponotus sp. U (aureopilus gp.)5
Camponotus sp. V (discors gp.)1
Camponotus sp. W (pellax gp.)2
Melophorus sp. 1 (aeneovirens gp.)39
Melophorus sp. 12 (mjobergi gp.)4
Melophorus sp. 25 (fieldi gp.)3
Melophorus sp. 30 (fieldi gp.)8
Melophorus sp. 36 (mjobergi gp.)121
Melophorus sp. A (Group A)4
Melophorus sp. E (froggatti gp.)26
Melophorus sp. M (Group D)2
Melophorus sp. O (Group A)1
Oecophylla smaragdina7
Opisthopsis haddoni26
Opisthopsis rufoniger68
Paratrechina longicornis6
Paratrechina sp. 4 (vaga gp.)1
Paratrechina sp. B (minutula gp.)29
Paratrechina sp. D (vaga gp.)48
Polyrhachis bohemia1
Polyrhachis gab165
Polyrhachis inconspicua12
Polyrhachis melanura1
Polyrhachis schenkii1
Polyrhachis schenkii1
Polyrhachis sp. F (schwiedlandi gp.)1
Stigmacros aciculata1