Oconee National Forest (mature pine herbaceous)
Basic information
Sample name: Oconee National Forest (mature pine herbaceous)

Reference: J. L. Hanula, S. Horn, and J. J. O'Brien. 2015. Have changing forests conditions contributed to pollinator decline in the southeastern United States?. Forest Ecology and Management 348:142-152 [ER 1035]
Country: United States
State: Georgia

Coordinate: 34° 46' N, 84° 7' W
Basis of coordinate: based on nearby landmark
Geography comments: coordinate based on Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest
Climate and habitat
Habitat: temperate coniferous forest
Altered habitat: secondary forest
Protection: national/state forest
Substrate: ground surface
Habitat comments: "mature open pine with little shrub cover and an herbaceous plant cover composed of vines, tree seedlings, and grass"
Life forms: bees
Sites: 5
Sampling methods: quadrat, pan traps
Sample size: 1029
Years: 2008
Days: 20
Nets or traps: 15
Net or trap nights: 300
Sampling comments: "Pan traps consisted of blue, white, and yellow Solo bowls... Three traps (one of each color) were placed 5 m apart near the center of each stand and at locations 50 m from the center in each cardinal direction for a total of 5 trapping locations (15 traps) within each stand"
Sample: 1533
Contributor: John Alroy
Enterer: John Alroy
Created: 2015-05-10 09:07:26
Modified: 2015-05-10 09:17:24
Abundance distribution
65 species
29 singletons
total count 1029
extrapolated richness: 130.8
Fisher's α: 15.419
geometric series k: 0.9200
Hurlbert's PIE: 0.8876
Shannon's H: 2.6746
Good's u: 0.9718
Each square represents a species. Square sizes are proportional to counts.