Siuna (birds, secondary forest)
Basic information
Sample name: Siuna (birds, secondary forest)

Reference: D. I. King, M. D. Hernandez-Mayorga, R. Trubey, R. Raudales, and J. H. Rappole. 2007. An evaluation of the contribution of cultivated allspice (Pimenta Dioca) to vertebrate biodiversity conservation in Nicaragua. Biodiversity and Conservation 16:1299-1320 [ER 921]
Country: Nicaragua

Coordinate: 13° 40' N, 85° 50' W
Basis of coordinate: stated in text
Geography comments: elevation 170 to 600 m
Habitat: tropical/subtropical moist broadleaf forest
Altered habitat: secondary forest
Substrate: ground surface
MAT: 24.4
WMT: 26.9
CMT: 21.8
MAP: 2274.0
Habitat comments: "tropical moist and wet forest... Secondary forest had most of the original canopy removed, and had shorter, smaller trees and denser understory than primary forest"
climate data are from Denevan (1961), with MAT/CMT/WMT based on Somoto and MAP based on El Tuma
Life forms: birds
Sites: 5
Site area: 25.000
Sampling methods: quadrat, mist nets
Sample size: 375
Years: 2003, 2004
Sampling comments: "Ten 12 m x 3 m, 32 mm denier mist nets were deployed in each site 50 m apart in a grid pattern approximately 200 m 250 m. Each site was sampled for 250 net hours"
Sample: 1384
Contributor: John Alroy
Enterer: John Alroy
Created: 2015-02-25 12:02:33
Modified: 2015-09-27 17:17:40
Abundance distribution
73 species
26 singletons
total count 375
extrapolated richness: 121.2
Fisher's α: 27.047
geometric series k: 0.9488
Hurlbert's PIE: 0.9611
Shannon's H: 3.6992
Good's u: 0.9308
Each square represents a species. Square sizes are proportional to counts.
Sporophila corvina133.1 g
"Sporophila aurita"
Manacus candei4418.8 g frugivore
Ramphocelus passerinii1432.0 g frugivore-insectivore
Mionectes oleagineus252.3 g insectivore-frugivore
Phaethornis superciliosus246.3 g nectarivore-insectivore
Hylocharis eliciae113.6 g nectarivore
Volatinia jacarina23.2 g granivore
Saltator maximus1246.2 g frugivore-folivore
Tiaris olivaceus1 granivore
"Tiaris olivacea"
Cyanocompsa cyanoides1732.5 g frugivore-insectivore
Oryzoborus funereus212.3 g granivore
Pipra mentalis715.0 g frugivore
Phaethornis longuemareus153.0 g nectarivore-insectivore
Arremon aurantiirostris1534.5 g frugivore-insectivore
Habia fuscicauda86.1 g insectivore-frugivore
Automolus ochrolaemus1040.2 g insectivore
Glyphorhynchus spirurus3 frugivore-insectivore
Threnetes ruckeri125.2 g nectarivore-insectivore
Eucometis penicillata727.0 g insectivore-frugivore
Hylocichla mustelina847.8 g insectivore-frugivore
Oncostoma cinereigulare76.4 g insectivore
Arremonops conirostris35.4 g frugivore-insectivore
Passerina cyanea115.0 g granivore-insectivore
Corapipo leucorrhoa510.7 g frugivore
Seiurus aurocapilla818.8 g insectivore
"Seiurus aurocapillus"
Turdus grayi479.5 g insectivore-frugivore
Oporornis formosus714.0 g insectivore
Platyrinchus coronatus13.0 g insectivore
Glaucis aenea2 nectarivore-insectivore
Platyrinchus cancrominus59.2 g insectivore
Setophaga pensylvanica1
"Dendroica pensylvanica"
Terenotriccus erythrurus27.4 g insectivore
Ramphocaenus melanurus59.7 g frugivore-insectivore
Cercomacra tyrannina316.3 g insectivore
Hylophylax naevioides217.8 g insectivore
Phaeochroa cuvierii38.9 g
Wilsonia pusilla42.6 g insectivore-frugivore
Gymnopithys leucaspis44.9 g insectivore
Helmitheros vermivorum413.2 g insectivore
"Helmitheros vermivorus"
Henicorhina leucosticta214.8 g insectivore
Onychorhynchus coronatus414.0 g insectivore
Wilsonia citrina310.8 g insectivore
Guiraca caerulea1 nectarivore
Microrhopias quixensis17.9 g insectivore
Myrmotherula schisticolor49.6 g insectivore
Thamnophilus doliatus25.1 g insectivore
Caryothraustes poliogaster241.8 g frugivore-insectivore
Elaenia frantzii319.6 g frugivore
Thalurania colombica14.5 g nectarivore-insectivore
Xenops minutus110.6 g frugivore-insectivore
Amazilia candida1 nectarivore
Myiobius sulphureipygius111.9 g insectivore
Setophaga ruticilla18.4 g insectivore
Automolus rubiginosus339.8 g insectivore
Gymnocichla nudiceps330.5 g insectivore
Thryothorus maculipectus216.2 g insectivore
Vermivora chrysoptera18.9 g insectivore
Amblycercus holosericeus27.3 g insectivore-frugivore
Platyrinchus mystaceus29.7 g insectivore
Baryphthengus martii113.3 g omnivore
Empidonax flaviventris111.8 g insectivore
Henicorhina leucophrys12.5 g insectivore
Icteria virens124.4 g insectivore
Lepidocolaptes souleyetii125.7 g insectivore
"Lepidocolaptes souleyetti"
Monasa morpheus1 insectivore
Piranga rubra15.5 g insectivore-frugivore
Saltator coerulescens154.9 g insectivore-frugivore
Schiffornis turdina131.7 g insectivore
"Schiffornis turdinus"
Sclerurus mexicanus125.1 g insectivore
Parkesia motacilla1 insectivore
"Seiurus motacilla"
Tachyphonus luctuosus113.0 g insectivore-frugivore
Taraba major159.2 g insectivore
Trogon rufus153.8 g insectivore-frugivore