Finca Irlanda (winter 2002)
Basic information
Sample name: Finca Irlanda (winter 2002)

Reference: T. V. Dietsch. 2005. A comparison of ectoparasite infestation by chigger mite larvae (Acarina: Trombiculidae) on resident and migratory birds in Chiapas, Mexico illustrating a rapid visual assessment protocol. USDA Forest Service General Technical Report PSW-GTR-19:1129-1137 [ER 807]
Country: Mexico
State: Chiapas

Coordinate: 15° 19' N, 92° 44' W
Basis of coordinate: based on nearby landmark
Geography comments: "in the Soconusco region" (coordinate based on Soconusco region)
Climate and habitat
Habitat: tropical/subtropical moist broadleaf forest
Altered habitat: plantation
Substrate: ground surface
WMT: 28.1
CMT: 25.6
MAP: 1993.0
Habitat comments: "These coffee agroecosystems use diverse shade with several Inga species and Alchornia latifolia the most abundant trees in the shade canopy"
climate data based on station 76903 (Tapachula)
Life forms: birds
Sites: 2
Sampling methods: mist nets
Sample size: 169
Years: 2002
Days: 4
Seasons: winter
Nets or traps: 12
Net or trap nights: 48
Sampling comments: "mist netting was conducted... in two coffee agroecosystems of Finca Irlanda... nets were used... for 2 consecutive days" in each plot"
Sample: 1155
Contributor: John Alroy
Enterer: John Alroy
Created: 2014-09-06 13:22:25
Modified: 2014-09-06 13:22:25
Abundance distribution
38 species
11 singletons
total count 169
extrapolated richness: 58.4
Fisher's α: 15.251
geometric series k: 0.9157
Hurlbert's PIE: 0.9414
Shannon's H: 3.1969
Good's u: 0.9355
Each square represents a species. Square sizes are proportional to counts.
Empidonax minimus510.0 g insectivore
Catharus ustulatus2630.3 g insectivore-frugivore
Catharus mustelinus1
Leiothlypis peregrina1
"Vermivora peregrina"
Leiothlypis ruficapilla13
"Vermivora ruficapilla"
Setophaga magnolia6
"Dendroica magnolia"
Mniotilta varia410.9 g insectivore
Helmitheros vermivorum213.2 g insectivore
"Helmitheros vermivorus"
Seiurus aurocapilla818.8 g insectivore
"Seiurus aurocapillus"
Parkesia motacilla1 insectivore
"Seiurus motacilla"
Oporornis formosus114.0 g insectivore
Wilsonia citrina210.8 g insectivore
Wilsonia pusilla92.6 g insectivore-frugivore
Icteria virens124.4 g insectivore
Pheucticus ludovicianus1242.0 g insectivore-frugivore
Passerina cyanea215.0 g granivore-insectivore
Campylopterus hemileucurus211.0 g nectarivore
Amazilia cyanura13
Dendrocincla homochroa16.1 g insectivore
Grallaria guatemalensis1 insectivore
Mionectes oleagineus62.3 g insectivore-frugivore
Rhynchocyclus brevirostris124.3 g insectivore
Tolmomyias sulphurescens214.3 g insectivore
Empidonax flavescens212.5 g
Chiroxiphia linearis217.0 g
Thryothorus rufalbus44.7 g insectivore
Thryothorus modestus23.9 g insectivore
Henicorhina leucosticta114.8 g insectivore
Catharus aurantiirostris329.8 g insectivore-frugivore
Turdus assimilis770.2 g omnivore
Turdus grayi679.5 g insectivore-frugivore
Basileuterus lachrymosa3
Basileuterus culicivorus310.5 g insectivore-frugivore
Basileuterus rufifrons710.4 g
Habia rubica534.0 g insectivore-frugivore
Euphonia hirundinacea114.0 g insectivore-frugivore
Melozone biarcuatum1
Melozone leucotis239.9 g