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N. R. Ingle and L. R. Heaney. 1992. A key to the bats of the Philippine Islands. Fieldiana: Zoology 69:1-44 [ER 637]
Contributed by John Alroy, entered by John Alroy on 2014-05-18
Samples: none
Size measurements: Acerodon jubatus (body mass 900 g), Acerodon jubatus (body mass 1250 g), Alionycteris paucidentata (body mass 14 g), Alionycteris paucidentata (body mass 18 g), Cynopterus brachyotis (body mass 26 g), Cynopterus brachyotis (body mass 41 g), Emballonura alecto (body mass 4 g), Emballonura alecto (body mass 6.5 g), Eonycteris robusta (body mass 75 g), Eonycteris robusta (body mass 80 g), Eonycteris spelaea (body mass 48 g), Eonycteris spelaea (body mass 90 g), Glischropus tylopus (body mass 26 g), Glischropus tylopus (body mass 30 g), Haplonycteris fischeri (body mass 16 g), Haplonycteris fischeri (body mass 21 g), Harpiocephalus harpia (body mass 51 g), Harpyionycteris whiteheadi (body mass 99 g), Harpyionycteris whiteheadi (body mass 122 g), Hipposideros ater (body mass 5 g), Hipposideros ater (body mass 7 g), Hipposideros bicolor (body mass 7 g), Hipposideros bicolor (body mass 10 g), Hipposideros cervinus (body mass 7.5 g), Hipposideros diadema (body mass 34 g), Hipposideros diadema (body mass 84 g), Hipposideros diadema (body mass 33 g), Hipposideros diadema (body mass 66 g), Hipposideros obscurus (body mass 7 g), Hipposideros obscurus (body mass 12 g), Hipposideros pygmaeus (body mass 3 g), Hipposideros pygmaeus (body mass 4 g), Kerivoula hardwickii (body mass 34 g), Kerivoula hardwickii (body mass 35 g), Kerivoula pellucida (body mass 35 g), Kerivoula whiteheadi (body mass 30 g), Macroglossus minimus (body mass 15 g), Macroglossus minimus (body mass 20 g), Megaderma spasma (body mass 21 g), Megaderma spasma (body mass 27 g), Megaerops wetmorei (body mass 17 g), Megaerops wetmorei (body mass 20 g), Miniopterus australis (body mass 34 g), Miniopterus australis (body mass 39 g), Miniopterus schreibersi (body mass 42 g), Miniopterus schreibersi (body mass 46 g), Miniopterus tristis (body mass 51 g), Miniopterus tristis (body mass 55 g), Murina cyclotis (body mass 36 g), Murina cyclotis (body mass 39 g), Myotis horsfieldii (body mass 35 g), Myotis horsfieldii (body mass 38 g), Myotis macrotarsus (body mass 44 g), Myotis macrotarsus (body mass 49 g), Myotis muricola (body mass 30 g), Myotis muricola (body mass 34 g), Myotis rufopictus (body mass 52 g), Myotis rufopictus (body mass 53 g), Nyctimene rabori (body mass 61 g), Nyctimene rabori (body mass 74 g), Otopteropus cartilagonodus (body mass 15 g), Otopteropus cartilagonodus (body mass 17 g), Philetor brachypterus (body mass 34 g), Philetor brachypterus (body mass 39 g), Phoniscus jagorii (body mass 39 g), Pipistrellus javanicus (body mass 32 g), Pipistrellus javanicus (body mass 36 g), Pipistrellus petersi (body mass 38 g), Pipistrellus stenopterus (body mass 38 g), Pipistrellus stenopterus (body mass 40 g), Pipistrellus tenuis (body mass 30 g), Pipistrellus tenuis (body mass 32 g), Ptenochirus jagori (body mass 62 g), Ptenochirus jagori (body mass 97 g), Ptenochirus minor (body mass 31 g), Ptenochirus minor (body mass 62 g), Pteropus dasymallus (body mass 380 g), Pteropus dasymallus (body mass 490 g), Pteropus hypomelanus (body mass 425 g), Pteropus hypomelanus (body mass 450 g), Pteropus leucopterus (body mass 340 g), Pteropus pumilus (body mass 145 g), Pteropus pumilus (body mass 200 g), Pteropus vampyrus (body mass 725 g), Pteropus vampyrus (body mass 810 g), Rhinolophus acuminatus (body mass 10 g), Rhinolophus acuminatus (body mass 14 g), Rhinolophus arcuatus (body mass 7 g), Rhinolophus arcuatus (body mass 9.5 g), Rhinolophus arcuatus (body mass 8.5 g), Rhinolophus arcuatus (body mass 10 g), Rhinolophus inops (body mass 11 g), Rhinolophus inops (body mass 16 g), Rhinolophus macrotis (body mass 6 g), Rhinolophus philippinensis (body mass 11 g), Rhinolophus rufus (body mass 26 g), Rhinolophus rufus (body mass 34 g), Rhinolophus virgo (body mass 5 g), Rhinolophus virgo (body mass 7 g), Rousettus amplexicaudatus (body mass 64 g), Rousettus amplexicaudatus (body mass 106 g), Saccolaimus saccolaimus (body mass 28 g), Saccolaimus saccolaimus (body mass 36 g), Scotophilus kuhlii (body mass 47 g), Scotophilus kuhlii (body mass 53 g), Taphozous melanopogon (body mass 20 g), Taphozous melanopogon (body mass 29 g), Tylonycteris pachypus (body mass 22 g), Tylonycteris pachypus (body mass 25 g), Tylonycteris robustula (body mass 24 g), Tylonycteris robustula (body mass 27 g)