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A. V. Borissenko and S. V. Kruskop. 2003. Bats of Vietnam and Adjacent Territories: An Identification Manual. [ER 608]
Contributed by John Alroy, entered by John Alroy on 2014-05-14
Samples: none
Size measurements: Cynopterus brachyotis (body mass 31.5 g), Cynopterus brachyotis (body mass 32.3 g), Cynopterus sphinx (body mass 49.5 g), Cynopterus sphinx (body mass 41.4 g), Eonycteris spelaea (body mass 52.4 g), Glischropus tylopus (body mass 4.3 g), Hipposideros armiger (body mass 40.0 g), Hipposideros armiger (body mass 43.9 g), Hipposideros armiger (body mass 45.0 g), Hipposideros cineraceus (body mass 4.3 g), Hipposideros larvatus (body mass 14.1 g), Hipposideros larvatus (body mass 16.4 g), Hipposideros lylei (body mass 39.3 g), Hipposideros lylei (body mass 41.2 g), Hipposideros pomona (body mass 6.8 g), Hipposideros pomona (body mass 6.3 g), Macroglossus sobrinus (body mass 24.4 g), Macroglossus sobrinus (body mass 23.0 g), Megaerops niphanae (body mass 25.1 g), Miniopterus magnater (body mass 14.0 g), Miniopterus pusillus (body mass 7.6 g), Myotis annamiticus (body mass 4.3 g), Myotis annamiticus (body mass 3.2 g), Myotis ater (body mass 5.4 g), Myotis ater (body mass 5.2 g), Myotis horsfieldi (body mass 6.2 g), Myotis muricola (body mass 4.6 g), Myotis muricola (body mass 4.1 g), Myotis rosseti (body mass 5.1 g), Myotis rosseti (body mass 4.7 g), Myotis siligorensis (body mass 3.6 g), Myotis siligorensis (body mass 3.6 g), Pipistrellus abramus (body mass 4.8 g), Pipistrellus abramus (body mass 4.3 g), Pipistrellus coromandra (body mass 4.7 g), Pipistrellus javanicus (body mass 6.5 g), Pipistrellus javanicus (body mass 5.5 g), Pipistrellus tenuis (body mass 3.2 g), Rhinolophus acuminatus (body mass 9.9 g), Rhinolophus acuminatus (body mass 12.5 g), Rhinolophus affinis (body mass 11.7 g), Rhinolophus affinis (body mass 13.6 g), Rhinolophus borneensis (body mass 9.2 g), Rhinolophus luctus (body mass 33.9 g), Rhinolophus luctus (body mass 34.4 g), Rhinolophus pearsoni (body mass 15.3 g), Rhinolophus pusillus (body mass 4.7 g), Rhinolophus pusillus (body mass 5.0 g), Rhinolophus rouxii (body mass 9.9 g), Rhinolophus rouxii (body mass 8.5 g), Saccolaimus saccolaimus (body mass 33.9 g), Scotomanes ornatus (body mass 36.2 g), Scotomanes ornatus (body mass 23.7 g), Scotophilus kuhli (body mass 20.7 g), Taphozous melanopogon (body mass 23.6 g), Taphozous melanopogon (body mass 30.7 g), Tylonycteris pachypus (body mass 3.5 g), Tylonycteris pachypus (body mass 3.3 g)