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R. M. Barquez, M. A. Mares, and J. K. Braun. 1999. The bats of Argentina. Special Publications, Texas Tech University 42:1-275 [ER 582]
Contributed by John Alroy, entered by John Alroy on 2014-05-10
Samples: none
Size measurements: Anoura caudifer (body mass 10.4 g), Artibeus fimbriatus (body mass 56.5 g), Artibeus lituratus (body mass 76.6 g), Artibeus planirostris (body mass 52.3 g), Chrotopterus auritus (body mass 80.0 g), Chrotopterus auritus (body mass 90.0 g), Cynomops paranus (body mass 10.5 g), Cynomops paranus (body mass 12.5 g), Cynomops planirostris (body mass 11.6 g), Dasypterus ega (body mass 15.3 g), Desmodus rotundus (body mass 40.0 g), Diaemus youngi (body mass 40.0 g), Eptesicus brasiliensis (body mass 5.9 g), Eptesicus diminutus (body mass 10.6 g), Eumops bonariensis (body mass 17.5 g), Eumops dabbenei (body mass 76.0 g), Eumops glaucinus (body mass 24.0 g), Eumops glaucinus (body mass 28.0 g), Eumops patagonicus (body mass 12.1 g), Eumops perotis (body mass 68.1 g), Glossophaga soricina (body mass 10.3 g), Histiotus macrotus (body mass 11.2 g), Histiotus macrotus (body mass 14.7 g), Histiotus magellanicus (body mass 16.0 g), Histiotus montanus (body mass 13.6 g), Lasiurus blossevillii (body mass 8.2 g), Lasiurus cinereus (body mass 18.4 g), Lasiurus varius (body mass 9.5 g), Lasiurus varius (body mass 11.0 g), Molossops neglectus (body mass 10.5 g), Molossops neglectus (body mass 11.5 g), Molossops temminckii (body mass 6.2 g), Molossus ater (body mass 30.7 g), Molossus molossus (body mass 14.7 g), Myotis albescens (body mass 7.4 g), Myotis chiloensis (body mass 7.5 g), Myotis keaysi (body mass 10.0 g), Myotis levis (body mass 5.2 g), Myotis levis (body mass 7.0 g), Myotis nigricans (body mass 5.2 g), Myotis riparia (body mass 5.9 g), Myotis ruber (body mass 6.0 g), Myotis ruber (body mass 7.6 g), Nyctinomops macrotis (body mass 20.0 g), Platyrrhinus lineatus (body mass 27.8 g), Promops centralis (body mass 23.5 g), Promops centralis (body mass 25.0 g), Promops nasutus (body mass 15.7 g), Pygoderma bilabiatum (body mass 20.4 g), Sturnira erythromos (body mass 16.0 g), Sturnira lilium (body mass 21.5 g), Sturnira oporaphilum (body mass 21.6 g), Tadarida brasiliensis (body mass 11.6 g), Tonatia bidens (body mass 32.7 g), Vampyressa pusilla (body mass 15.0 g)